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St. Paul's Catholic Church, Onaway, Michigan: artists Peter and Christel Brahm

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St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
410 W. Cross St.
Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197
Washtenaw County
Web Address:


Construction: 1932-1933

Architect: McGrath and Dolman

Architect’s City: Detroit

Number of Pictorial Windows: 20

Number of Non-pictorial Windows: 15

Floor Plan Sketch: Download

Archival Sources: "Buildings of Ypsilanti: A Michigan Sesquitennial Overview" by Denis Schmiedeke; 1982 church directory; Ypsilanti Daily Press (1932, 6/2/33, 11/6/33), Ypsilanti Catholic Bulletin dated 4/9/89.

St. John the Baptist
MSGC: 1994.0179

Census Coordinator:
Patricia Miculka

John the Baptist Preaches
Colored Glass
Colored Glass
Jesus Presented in the Temple
The Nativity/Visit of the Magi
Annunciation/Visitation/Shepherds Praising Christ Child/Visit of the Magi
Presentation/Flight to Egypt/Finding in the Temple/Holy Family
Baptism of Jesus/Temptation of Christ/Commission of the Apostles/Christ Stills the Tempest
Cleanses Temple First Time/Teaches Nicodemus/Woman at Well/Call of Peter, James, and John
Sermon On the Mount/Raising Jairus' Daughter/Anointed By Sinful Woman/Changes Water to Wine
Keys To The Kingdom/Transfiguration/Good Samaritan/Martha and Mary of Bethany
Good Shepherd/Parable of the Prodigal Son/Little Children And Jesus/Triumphant Entry Into Jerusalem
Jesus Washes Peter's Feet/Institution of the Eucharist/Gethsemane/Jesus Arrested
Resurrection/Three Marys at the Tomb/Risen Christ Appears to Mary Magdalene/Doubting Thomas
Ascension/Descent of the Holy Spirit/Christ in Judgment/Christ in Majesty
John the Baptist/Christ the King/Peter
IHC/Shield of the Trinity/Sign of the Fish
Agnus Dei Rose
Tau-Rho Cross with Alpha and Omega/Trinity/Phoenix Bird