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Sidetrack Bar and Grill
bar / restaurant / business
56 E. Cross St.
Ypsilanti, Michigan 48198
Washtenaw County


Date Built: 1850

Architect: Mark Norris

Architect’s City: Ypsilanti

Date of Alterations: 1992




Architect of Alterations: see notes

Number of Non-pictorial Windows: 1

Archival Sources: Ypsilanti Assessor's Office; Building Inspector's Dept.; Interview with Owner; Eastern Echo news article dated 9/10/1975; "Depot Town: A Historical Survey" by Robert King, 1981; an untitled article by Hank Prebys dated May 11, 1993; "Memories of the Early Depot Town" by Joseph Thompson, July 1974; Ypsilanti city directories, 1873-1980; Ypsilanti Daily Press, 10/4/1943; Ypsilanti Panorama, Jne/July 1978; Ypsilanti Press, 3/23/1979 and 9/20/1986.

Building Notes: Alterations: 1910, after train crash; 1940s with architect Cyrus T. Camp; 1979; 1992 with Architects Four, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI.

MSGC: 1994.0181

Census Coordinator:
Patricia Miculka