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First Presbyterian Church
1669 W. Maple Road
Birmingham, Michigan 48009
Oakland County


Construction: 1952-1954

Architect: Harold F. Fisher, AIA

Date of Alterations: 1966


Number of Pictorial Windows: 50

Floor Plan Sketch: Download

Archival Sources: The Archives of the First Presbyterian Church, "History of F.P.C. and its Growth Under Dr. Harris' Pastorate", architectural drawings.

Building Notes: Architect: 1960: Harold F. Fisher 1966: Linn Smith, Birmingham, MI.

First Presbyterian Church of Birmingham - Front
First Presbyterian Church of Birmingham - West
First Presbyterian Church of Birmingham - West
MSGC: 1997.0034

Census Coordinator:
Tenney Brinkman, Irv Poston, Art Held

Studio Name
Willet Hauser Architectural Glass

Children's Chapel - Nativity
Children's Chapel - Jesus Blessing the Children
Chapel - Baptism
Chapel - Communion
Chapel - Praise
Chapel - Prayer
Chapel - Preaching
Chapel - Marriage
Cloister - Pearl of Great Price
Cloister - Prodigal Son
Cloister - Pharisee and Publican
Cloister - Barren Fig Tree
Cloister - Lost Coin
Cloister - Leaven
Cloister - Wise and Foolish Virgins
Cloister - Mustard Seed
Cloister - Houses on Rock and Sand
Cloister - Draw Net
Cloister - New Wine in Old Wineskins
Cloister - Good Samaritan
Cloister - Wheat and Tares
Cloister - Talents
Cloister - Rich Fool
Lower Sanctuary - Saint Peter
Lower Sanctuary - I Am the Bread
Lower Sanctuary - Saint Andrew
Lower Sanctuary - Saint James the Greater
Lower Sanctuary - I Am the Light
Lower Sanctuary - Saint John the Evangelist
Lower Sanctuary - Saint James the Lesser
Lower Sanctuary - I Am the Living Water
Lower Sanctuary - Saint Jude
Lower Sanctuary - Saint Philip
Lower Sanctuary - I Am the Good Shepherd
Lower Sanctuary - Saint Bartholomew
Lower Sanctuary - Saint Matthew
Lower Sanctuary - I Am the Vine
Lower Sanctuary - Saint Thomas
Upper Sanctuary - Fall of Man
Upper Sanctuary - Abraham
Upper Sanctuary - Moses
Upper Sanctuary - David
Upper Sanctuary - Isaiah
Upper Sanctuary - Great Commission
Upper Sanctuary - Pentecost
Upper Sanctuary - Nativity
Upper Sanctuary - Calling of Ss. Peter and Andrew
Upper Sanctuary - Sermon on the Mount
Upper Sanctuary - Crucifixion
Upper Sanctuary - Resurrection