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St. Paul's Catholic Church, Onaway, Michigan: artists Peter and Christel Brahm

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St. Lawrence Church
44633 Utica Rd
Utica, Michigan 48317
Macomb County


Date Built: 1950

Architect: Arthur DesRosier

Date of Alterations: 1981

Architect of Alterations: Hauser Studios

Alterations Architect’s City: Winona, MN

Number of Pictorial Windows: 12

Number of Non-pictorial Windows: 4

Archival Sources: Archdiocese of Detroit files; "The Source" newspaper; St. Lawrence Archives; "History of St. Lawrence of Utica", 1866-1951; "History of St. Lawrence Parish", 1978; "St. Lawrence Forum"; "St. Lawrence Embraces the Future", 1998; "St. Lawrence Parish History - 1866-1991", K.M. Mitchell, editor.

MSGC: 1998.0130

Census Coordinator:
Lorna A. Brock