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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Artist / Studio


Chartres Glassmaker’s Guild


     Riqueur, Jean Claude
     Lorin, Francois

Pilgrim Father and Mother Window
Representations from the Four Gospels
The Window of Christian Symbols
Peter and Paul
Window Name: Peter and Paul
John and James
Window Name: John and James
Stephen and Luke
Window Name: Stephen and Luke
Mary and Dorcas
Window Name: Mary and Dorcas
Jesus Blessing the Children
Abraham and Joseph
Window Name: Abraham and Joseph
Hannah and Esther
Window Name: Hannah and Esther
Samuel and David
Window Name: Samuel and David
Isaiah and Jeremiah
Window Name: Isaiah and Jeremiah
Amos and Micah
Window Name: Amos and Micah
The Pilgrim Meeting House
The Mayflower
Window Name: The Mayflower
Jonah and Job sketch