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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Artist / Studio


Glass Barn, The
Athens, Michigan


     Eitniear, Larry

Matthew-Tax Collector
Judas Iscariat
Window Name: Judas Iscariat
James-son of Aldaeus
Peter the Fisherman
Window Name: Peter the Fisherman
John-son of Zebedee
Window Name: John-son of Zebedee
Nathanale (Bartholomew)
James son of Zebedee
Jesus Praying Hands
Window Name: Jesus Praying Hands
Thomas-The Doubter
Window Name: Thomas-The Doubter
Jude (Thadeus)
Window Name: Jude (Thadeus)
Simon the Zealot
Window Name: Simon the Zealot
Window Name: Philip
Window Name: Andrew
United Methodist Women
Rose Window
Window Name: Rose Window
United Methodist Men
7th Day of Creation and Lily
6th Day of Creation and Lily
5th Day of Creation and Lily
1st Day of Creation
Window Name: 1st Day of Creation
2nd Day of Creation
Window Name: 2nd Day of Creation
3rd Day of Creation and Lily
4th Day of Creation and Lily
The Crucifixion of Jesus
Baptism Window
Window Name: Baptism Window
The Birth of Jesus
Window Name: The Birth of Jesus
The Resurrection of Jesus
The Ascension of Jesus
Window Name: Pentecost
Jesus and the Children