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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Artist / Studio


Oidtmann (H.) Glass and Mosaic Studios
Linnich, Germany

Opening Date:1857


     Oidtmann, Dr. Heinrich, I
     Oidtmann, Dr. Heinrich, II
     Oidtmann, Heinrich, III
     Oidtmann, Ludovika
     Oidtmann, Dr. Stefan
     Oidtmann, Heinrich

Description: The impressive five generation-long history of this studio began when the H. Oidtmann Glass and Mosaic Studios were founded in Linnich, Germany in 1857 by Dr. Heinrich Oidtmann I (1838-1890), who started his career in medicine before turning his interests to the business of stained glass. Dr. Heinrich Oidtmann II (1861-1912) and Heinrich Oidtmann III (1888-1929), a doctor and engineer respectively, both published prolifically in scientific texts and works on stained glass. After Heinrich Oidtmann III's death in 1929, his wife Ludovika (1899-1945) managed the business through Germany's difficult years of depression and war, allowing the business to pass to further generations of Oidtmanns. Today the company's legacy is maintained by Heinrich and Dr. Stefan Oidtmann, grandsons to Heinrich Oidtmann III and Ludovika Oidtmann.

Mary with crown
Window Name: Mary with crown
Transfiguration-Daniel 3-Genesis 18
Holy Trinity-Baptism-Praising Angels
Resurrection-Burial-Agony in the Garden
Annunciation-Presentation of Mary-Birth of Mary
Mary holding Jesus-Death of Joseph
Nativity-Visitation-Mary and Joseph’s wedding
Flight Into Egypt-Presentation of Jesus-Gift of the Magi
Holy Family at Nazareth-Finding Jesus-Looking for Jesus
Tree of Jesse
Window Name: Tree of Jesse
Guardian Angel
Window Name: Guardian Angel
Crucified Christ Meeting Man
Ornamental Trefoil
Window Name: Ornamental Trefoil
Jesus, Martha, and Mary
Crucified Christ Finding Lamb
Crowning Mary “Queen”-Mary Assumed Into Heaven
Assumption of Mary-Mary’s Tomb-Mary’s Death
Mary Before Death-Descent of Holy Spirit-Christ with Mary
Resurrection-Jesus Taken from the Cross-Death of Jesus
Last Judgement
Window Name: Last Judgement
Jesus Consoling Women-Death of Joseph-Marriage at Cana
Ascension-Jesus with Doubting Thomas-Jesus with Emmaus Men
Last Supper-Melchizedek’s Sacrifice- Abraham’s Test of Faith
Ornamental Arch
Window Name: Ornamental Arch
Musical Angels
Window Name: Musical Angels
Queen Mary with Baby Jesus-David and the Ark of the Covenant
Musical Angels
Window Name: Musical Angels
Window Name: Angels
Window Name: Angel
Sw. Stanislaw
Window Name: Sw. Stanislaw
Sw. Jadwiga (St. Hedwig of Silesia)
Sw. Kazmierz (St. Casimir)
Sw. Bronislava
Window Name: Sw. Bronislava
Christ in the Temple
Visit of the Magi
Window Name: Visit of the Magi
Window Name: Annunciation
Immaculate Heart of Mary
Window Name: Nativity
Presentation of Mary
Washing Jesus' Feet
Window Name: Washing Jesus' Feet
Wedding at Cana
Window Name: Wedding at Cana
Presentation at the Temple
Window Name: Visitation
Birth of Mary
Window Name: Birth of Mary