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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Herbert (A. Kay) Stained Glass
Detroit, Michigan

Date of Birth: 09/14/1872

Date of Death: 11/08/1938

Biography: Alexander K. Herbert was born on 9/14/1872 in Glasgow, Scotland to James and Catherine nee Smith. Alex Kay Herbert was trained in his native Scotland, worked for William Morris Studios in London, came to the United States in 1910 or 1911 and arrived ca. 1920 in Detroit, where he established his own studio, A. Kay Herbert Stained Glass, at 619 West Larned Avenue. The 1930 U.S. Census gives Alexander Herbert's occupation as stained glass artist, his age as 52, and his birthplace as Scotland. His wife Mary A. Herbert (they married on June 10, 1925), is listed with her age as 42 and her birthplace as Northern Ireland. In the Detroit City Directory for 1939, she is listed as his widow. Apparently Herbert died in the 1930s but no death record for this artist has yet been found. Further research has resulted in conflicting information about Herbert. In searching Scottish birth and census records, Rona Moody of Derbyshire, England, found Alexander Herbert born in Glasgow in 1872, married to Janet Brown in 1899, listed as a glass designer when his daughter Margaret was born in 1900, and living in Glasgow with his wife and daughter in the March 1901 census, where his age is given as 28. The puzzling discrepancies between the U.S. and Scottish census records concerning Herbert's age and his wife's name remain to be solved.


     Herbert, A. Kay

Two girls
Window Name: Two girls
Window Name: Geography
Girl and Boy
Window Name: Girl and Boy
Window Name: Music
Window Name: Mathematics
Christ-”I am the way”
Building Name and City: Woodmere Cemetery Chapel, Detroit
Saint John
Window Name: Saint John
Saint Matthew
Window Name: Saint Matthew
Saint Mark
Window Name: Saint Mark
Saint Luke
Window Name: Saint Luke
Woman in Prayer
Window Name: Woman in Prayer
Window Name: Cross
Youth with Halo (Jesus?)
George Washington
Window Name: George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
Window Name: Abraham Lincoln
Female saint window
Window Name: Female saint window
Joan of Arc
Window Name: Joan of Arc
Window Name: Chancel
Gen. Lewis Cass signing an Indian Treaty along the banks of the Cass River
Building Name and City: Tuscola County Courthouse, Caro
Suffer the Little Children
Lion emblem
Window Name: Lion emblem
Rings, Crowned Woman, Chalice
Eagle, Angel, Ten Commandments
Window Name: non-pictorial
Window Name: Non-pictorial
Window Name: non-pictorial
Two Angels
Window Name: Two Angels
Red Cross
Window Name: Red Cross
Building Name and City: Redeemer Catholic Church, Detroit
Blue Cross
Window Name: Blue Cross