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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Giovann Studios
East Detroit (now East Pointe), Michigan

Biography: After her early education at St. Mary’s Academy in Monroe, MI, Giovann lived in the Detroit area, where she studied art and drama at Cass Technical High School, followed by art training at Wayne State University, and the Society of Arts and Crafts (now the College for Creative Studies) under well-known Detroit painter Sarkis Sarkesian. She also spent one year as an apprentice at the Bleecher Manikin Studio, gaining experience in clay modeling and plaster casting. During her multi-faceted career, Giovann was director, actress and set designer for plays performed at the Detroit Institute of Arts, did social work at the League of Catholic Women’s Weinman Settlement where she organized a puppet theatre, music enrichment program, and art and craft classes, taught and lectured on art and puppetry, supervised the J. L. Hudson Company art supply department, was the preparator-technician for Detroit’s Children’s Museum, painted portraits, and designed numerous windows for the Detroit Stained Glass Works. Her stained glass work, marked by stylized designs and strong color, includes windows at Michigan churches, convents, seminaries, and the Children’s Museum, many of which have been registered in the Michigan Stained Glass Census.


     Giovann. Mary

Exodus windows
Window Name: Exodus windows
Window Name: Mary
Holy Spirit windows
Window Name: Holy Spirit windows
Baptism and Resurrection Windows
Window Name: Ruth
Window Name: Judith
St. Elizabeth
Window Name: St. Elizabeth
St. Michael and the dragon
Window Name: Abstract
Building Name and City: Mercy High School Chapel, Farmington
Abstract - Altar
Window Name: Abstract - Altar
Abstract - Nave
Window Name: Abstract - Nave
Abstract - Rear
Window Name: Abstract - Rear
Window Name: Annunciation
Window Name: Visitation
Window Name: Nativity
Window Name: Presentation
Jesus in the Temple with the Teachers
The Holy Family
Window Name: The Holy Family
Garden of Gethsemane
The Sourging at the Pillar
The Crowning with Thorns
Carrying the Cross
Window Name: Carrying the Cross
Death of Jesus
Window Name: Death of Jesus
Presentation of Blessed Virgin Mary
Window Name: Resurrection
Window Name: Ascension
Descent of the Holy Ghost
Mary’s Assumption Into Heaven
Coronation of the Virgin Mary
St. Michael and the dragon
Our Lady of Fatima
Window Name: Our Lady of Fatima
St. Ignatius of Loyola
Last Supper
Window Name: Last Supper
The Virgin Mary and St. Dominic
The Virgin Mary
Window Name: The Virgin Mary
St. Joseph
Window Name: St. Joseph
First Holy Communion
The Baptism of Our Lord
Window Name: Ordination
Window Name: Confirmation
Window Name: Confession
Sacrament of the Sick
Window Name: Marriage
Jesus Blesses Margaret Mary Alacoque
Window Name: Ornamental