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Inserts for door, designed and contructed by Guido Goldkuhle<br /> Traverse City, Michigan

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Wright, Frank Lloyd

Birth Year: 1867

Death Year: 1959

Biography: Designing stained glass was just one of the many art related areas for which Wright is well known: others are architecture, furniture and graphic arts.  Michigan is fortunate to have several houses designed by Wright.  Unfortunately the stained glass has been removed from some, but the Grand Rapids Meyer May House still has several skylights and many windows.  Wright designed windows are very recognizable in the use of clear glass, angled lines, and geometric shapes.  Many pictorial books have been written about Wright and his stained glass, too many to mention here.
Meyer May House:
Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation:
Frank Lloyd Wright in Michigan:

Description: One of the most well-known and influential architects of the twentieth century.

Clerestories and skylights
Building Name: Meyer May House
Dining Room
Window Name: Dining Room
Building Name: Meyer May House
Guest entry
Window Name: Guest entry
Building Name: Meyer May House
Stair landing
Window Name: Stair landing
Building Name: Meyer May House
Window Name: Drawing
Child's Bedroom windows
Building Name: Meyer May House