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St. Paul's Catholic Church, Onaway, Michigan: artists Peter and Christel Brahm

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Hopfensperger Stained Glass and Sculpture Studios
Midland, Michigan

Opening Date:1966

Description: Since 1966 Hopfensperger Studios have earned a reputation for exceptional craftsmanship and creativity in the Great Lakes area. Work that ranges from faceted and stained glass to bronze sculpture demonstrates the high standards and attention to detail that have been the cornerstone of the Studios' artistic achievement. Whether to make a dramatic statement or to create an atmosphere of peace and beauty, the interplay of color and form combine to be effective in both secular and religious settings. Each creation is individually conceived with a concern for the distinctive taste of the client and an awareness of the need to complement a specific architectural concept or natural setting.

Window Name: Creation
Building Name and City: St. George Episcopal Church, Milford
A Grain of Wheat
Window Name: A Grain of Wheat
Grace A Dow memorial Library’s Hopfensperger Window
The Trinity Window
Window Name: The Trinity Window
Savior of the world window
The United Methodist Window
Worship Window
Window Name: Worship Window
The Sacrament Window
Ornamental Windows Bottom
Building Name and City: Blessed Sacrament Church, Midland
Ornamental Windows Top
Window Name: Ornamental Windows Top
Window Name: Trinity
Methodist Symbols
Window Name: Methodist Symbols
Window Name: Chi-Rho
Holy Baptism
Window Name: Holy Baptism
Holy Communion
Window Name: Holy Communion