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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Keck, Henry
Syracuse, New York

Birth Year: 1874

Death Year: 1956

Biography: German-born Henry Keck (1874-1956) apprenticed at Tiffany Studios, had further training in Munich and New York, and worked for the Lamb and Pike studios before opening his own studio at Syracuse in 1913. Designer and painter Stanley Worden joined the Keck Studio in 1922, became its director after Keck’s death in 1956, and remained with the firm until it closed in 1974.

Opening Date:1913

Closing Date:1974


     Ashcroft, Ernest
     Keck, Henry
     Shaw, Ronald
     Worden, Stanley

Come Unto Me
Window Name: Come Unto Me
Prodigal Son
Window Name: Prodigal Son
The Resurrection
Window Name: The Resurrection
Blessed are the poor
Blessed are they that mourn
Blessed are the meek
Blessed are they whick do hunger and thirst
Blessed are the merciful
Blessed are the pure of heart
Blessed are the peacemakers
Window Name: Thomas
Blessed are they which are persecuted
Window Name: Simon
Window Name: Thaddeus
James the Major
Window Name: James the Major
Window Name: Andrew
Window Name: Peter
James the Less
Window Name: James the Less
Window Name: Bartholomew
Window Name: Philip
Window Name: Matthias
Good Samaritan
Window Name: Good Samaritan
Window Name: Matthew
Window Name: John
Garden of Gethsemane
Jesus and the Children Chapel Window
Good Shepherd Chapel Window
Gethsemane Chapel Window
Library Windows
Window Name: Library Windows
Kitchenette Window
Window Name: Kitchenette Window
South Stairwell Lower Window
South Entrance Transom Window
South Stairwell Upper Windows
Classroom Window
Window Name: Classroom Window
Choir Room Windows
Window Name: Choir Room Windows