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Inserts for door, designed and contructed by Guido Goldkuhle<br /> Traverse City, Michigan

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Nobis Decorating Company
North Canton, Ohio

Biography: Nobis Decorating Company was founded in Canton Ohio by Frank Nobis after he emigrated from Germany. He had several children, one being Rudolph (Rudy born 1920 Munich Germany, died 2004 in Florida) who, at some point, took over the firm from his father. At this time Rudy became more interested in stained glass and the firm then did many commissions in the Canton area. The 1940 census lists both Rudy and his father as “painters”, but in the decorating business. There was a fire in the Canton building in the late 1960’s which lead Rudy to find another facility, but larger so that large/tall stained glass windows could be fabricated… they had done some business in Florida, that is where such a building was located, so the firm moved to Florida in the early 1970’s. The firm had done at least one window for The Old Stone Church in downtown Cleveland, before the move to Florida. But that one window lead to several others, but after the firm had moved. There are also 4 Tiffany windows here, as well as one by the La Farge firm, and one by the J&R Lamb Studio. The obituary for Mrs. Barbara Nobis stated she was a “designer artist”, so it is probable she was the main person for designing stained glass.


     Nobis, Barbara
     Nobis, Frank
     Nobis, Rudy

A Crown and Rosary
Window Name: A Crown and Rosary
a lantern and keys
Window Name: a lantern and keys
A Lilly
Window Name: A Lilly
Cloud, Annunciation, Cloud
Cross, Multiplication of Loaves, Cross
Cruet-Wine and water
Four Flames, Decent of Holy Spirit and Dove
Mary and all the saved
Mary at a spinning wheel
Paschal Candle, The risen Christ, The empty tomb
Perfume Jar, The Magi, a censor
The Baptism of Jesus
Three loaves of bread, Last Supper, Two cups
Three Nails, the crucifixion, Crown of thorns and Spear
Three stars, Nativity, three stars
Window Name: Tiara
Two sheep, The Good Shepherd, Two sheep
Water Jars, wedding of Cana, water Jars