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Inserts for door, designed and contructed by Guido Goldkuhle<br /> Traverse City, Michigan

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The Glass and Enameller Studio

Biography: Burns was born in Burlington Vermont in 1820 and moved to Buffalo when he was 16. After working for Buffalo Stained Glass Works he opened his own studio in 1851. He marketed heavily in the Great Lakes region and Episcopal publications in the late 1850s. With the Civil War he focused on just the Episcopal publications and New York State. Burns had a stroke in 1870 that effectively ended his career.


     Burns, George L.

The Apostle Matthew
Window Name: The Apostle Matthew
The Apostle Mark
Window Name: The Apostle Mark
The Apostle Luke
Window Name: The Apostle Luke
The Apostle John
Window Name: The Apostle John
Dove and Baptismal Font
Memorial with Orb and Cross
Christ Carrying the Cross
Christ Ascending to Heaven
Memorial with Cross and Crown symbols
Memorial with Christian Symbols
Memorial to Abby M. Clark
Memorial to Mary Annette Humphrey
Dove and Baptismal Font