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Artist: David Wilson - St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Hartland, Michigan

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Willet Stained Glass Studio
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Biography: William Willet, an artist and leader in the American Gothic Movement, founded Willet Studios studio in 1898. Working with noted architect Ralph Adams Cram, William created traditional designs that rivaled the works found in the finest European Cathedrals. In 1910, William Willet was invited to compete for the large chancel window in the Cadet's Chapel at the United States Military Academy at West Point. After winning the competition, Willet Studios was selected to design and fabricate all of the stained glass windows in this large cathedral-like building. In that the cadets desired to give the window sections as class gifts, the commission lasted 66 years and became the longest continuing stained glass commission in American history. William's son, Henry Lee Willet, took over the studio after his father's death. Under Henry Lee's guidance, the company expanded from a regional studio to a national studio, with completed projects in all 50 states and 14 foreign countries. Willet Studios experimented with new techniques, and in the 1950's, Willet Studios was one of the first American studios to design and fabricate faceted glass windows. Willet Studios also developed the famous sculptured gold window technique and experimented with different methods of laminating stained glass. Under Henry Lee's leadership, Willet Studios became known and respected throughout the stained glass world. In 1965, E. Crosby Willet, the son of Henry Lee Willet, became the President of Willet Studios. Under his leadership, Willet windows were created for many of the major churches and cathedrals in the United States including the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. and Saint Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco. He is a past President of the Stained Glass Association of America and of the American Society of Church Architecture. He is also a Professional Affiliate of the Philadelphia Chapter - American Institute of Architects, a Craft Member of the Guild for Religious Architecture, a member of the Philadelphia Art Alliance, the Society of Architectural Historians and a Senior Member of the American Society of Appraisers. In 1977, Willet Studios became a division of the Hauser Art Glass Company. In 2005, the company changed its name to Willet Hauser Architectural Glass to more accurately reflect the long-term direction of the business. In January 2014 Associated Crafts of Arizona purchased the Winona-based Willet Hauser Architectural stained glass studio. The Hauser brothers had been looking for a purchaser for several years. Associated Crafts is operated by John Phillips Jr. whose father worked for the Hauser brothers back in 1974. Philadelphia based Willet Hauser Studio will continue to operate from its home in Pennsylvania and the Winona facility will continue to operate from their Minnesota location.


     Baker, Walter
     Boermeester, Louis
     Collins, Jane
     Crocker, Kenneth
     Dupre, Karel
     Gaudin, Marguerite
     Gelder, Don
     Gilsoul, Benoit
     Graff, Bernard
     Gugert, George
     Kearney, Victoria
     Kellogg, Ann Willet
     Kevorkian, John
     Lawrence, Charles Z.
     Mako, Anthony
     Malinsky, R.
     Ozog, Jan
     Prather, Odell
     Sharkey, Colum
     Smith, Doris
     Sundean, Eric
     Willet, Annie Lee
     Willet, Henry Lee
     Willet, William

Legend of the Holy Grail doors
Our Callings
Window Name: Our Callings
Window Name: Parables
The New Testament Church and Paul
The Early Church and the Reformation
American Presbyterianism and The Modern Church
Baptism, Communion, Preaching
Ordination, Marriage, and the Funeral
Birth of Jesus and Beginning of Jesus’ Ministry
Holy Week and Good Friday
Easter and After the Resurrection
Psalm 122
Window Name: Psalm 122
Psalm 100
Window Name: Psalm 100
Teachings and Miracles
Parable of the Good Samaritan
Parable of the Good Shepherd
Parable of the Lost Coin
Parable of the Sower
Prayer for All Conditions of Mankind
Prayer for All Conditions of Mankind
Sanctuary windows
Window Name: Sanctuary windows
Give Food and Drink to One’s Enemies
Hands Folded in Expectation
Window Name: Baptism
Window Name: Communion
Chapel Window
Window Name: Chapel Window
John Robinson
Window Name: John Robinson
Relief at Leyden
Window Name: Relief at Leyden
The Prophets
Window Name: The Prophets
Psalm 121
Window Name: Psalm 121
Psalm 121
Window Name: Psalm 121
Psalm 121
Window Name: Psalm 121
Psalm 121
Window Name: Psalm 121
Psalm 121
Window Name: Psalm 121
Miracles over Death
Window Name: Miracles over Death
Miracles of Healing
Window Name: Miracles of Healing
Miracles over Nature
Life of Christ
Window Name: Life of Christ
Our Father
Window Name: Our Father
Our Father
Window Name: Our Father
Our Father
Window Name: Our Father
Rose Window
Window Name: Rose Window
God the Son
Window Name: God the Son
God the Father
Window Name: God the Father
God the Holy Spirit
Window Name: God the Holy Spirit
Parables of the Kingdom
Parables of the Lost
Parables of Outreach
Te Deum
Window Name: Te Deum
Building Name: Cathedral of St. Paul
Window Name: Abundance
Window Name: Adoration
Agricultural Experimentation Station 1887
Applied Science
Window Name: Applied Science
Window Name: Aspiration
Building Name: Alumni Memorial Chapel
Window Name: Beauty
Window Name: Brotherhood
Window Name: Charity
Window Name: Community
Window Name: Creativity
Building Name: Alumni Memorial Chapel
Diffusion of Knowledge
Window Name: Education
Engineering 1885
Window Name: Engineering 1885
Window Name: Faith
Farmer's Institute of 1876
Freedom of Mind
Window Name: Freedom of Mind
Government by Law
Window Name: Government by Law
Window Name: Hope
International Programs
Window Name: Justice
Window Name: Leadership
Window Name: Learning
Building Name: Alumni Memorial Chapel
Legislative Act 1855
Window Name: Love
Morrill Act 1862
Window Name: Morrill Act 1862
Window Name: Patriotism
Window Name: Peace
Window Name: Prayer
Window Name: Religion
Respect for the Truth
Window Name: Sacrifice
Self Denial
Window Name: Self Denial
Student Activities
Window Name: Student Activities
Window Name: Thanksgiving
Window Name: Truth
Building Name: Alumni Memorial Chapel
Window Name: Wisdom
Building Name: Alumni Memorial Chapel
Women Admitted
Window Name: Women Admitted
Window Name: Work
Parable of the Sower
Great Window
Window Name: Great Window
Pringle Memorial Window
The Sower
Window Name: The Sower
Window Name: Nativity
Window Name: Advent
Window Name: Ascension
Window Name: Easter
Window Name: Epiphany
House of the Lord
Window Name: House of the Lord
Window Name: Humanitarian
Window Name: Lent
Window Name: Pentecost
Enter Into His Gates With Thanksgiving
The Good Shephard
Window Name: The Good Shephard
Window Name: Trinity
The Nativity
Window Name: The Nativity
The Annunciation
Window Name: The Annunciation
The Assumption
Window Name: The Assumption
The Coronation of Mary
St. Thomas Aquinas
Window Name: St. Thomas Aquinas
St. John Chrysostom
Window Name: St. John Chrysostom
Holy Family
Window Name: Holy Family
Jesus washes feet
Window Name: Jesus washes feet
Mary Queen of Angels
St. Nicholas
Window Name: St. Nicholas
Come Unto Me
Window Name: Come Unto Me
St. Nicholas and child
Yea a Sword Shall Pierce Thine Own Soul
Behold Thy Mother
Window Name: Behold Thy Mother
Christ Knocking at the Door
Window Name: Confirmation
Marriage and Family
Window Name: Marriage and Family
Moses, etc.
Window Name: Moses, etc.
Counceling the Doubtful
Instructing the Ignorant - Admonishing the Sinner
Comforting the Sorrowful
Bearing Wrongs Patiently - Forgiving Injuries
Life of Paul
Window Name: Life of Paul
Shipwreck of St. Paul
St. Francis
Window Name: St. Francis
Magnify and Praise the Lord
Faith - Peace - Dorcas - Charity
Glorify - Rejoice
Window Name: Glorify - Rejoice
Follow Me
Window Name: Follow Me
Burying the Dead
Window Name: Burying the Dead
Harboring the Harborless - Visiting the Sick
Ransoming the Captive
Giving Drink to the Thirsty - Feeding the Hungry
Clothing the Naked
Window Name: Clothing the Naked
Window Name: Christmas
The Crucifixion
Window Name: The Crucifixion
Jesus and John
Window Name: Jesus and John
The Seven Sacraments
Blessed are the poor in spirit
Blessed are they that mourn
Blessed are they that hunger
Blessed are the merciful
Sermon on the Mount
Window Name: Sermon on the Mount
Blessed are the clean of heart
Blessed are the peacemakers
Blessed are they that suffer
Thou shalt not have strange gods before me
Thou shalt not take the name of The Lord thy God in vain
Keep holy the Sabbath
Moses receives the Ten Commandments
Thou shalt not kill/commit adultery
Thou Shalt Not Steal
Thou shalt not bear false witness
Thou shalt not covet
Window Name: Advent
Window Name: Nativity
The Magi
Window Name: The Magi
Window Name: Lent
Palm Sunday
Window Name: Palm Sunday
The Last Supper
Window Name: The Last Supper
The Crucifixion
Window Name: The Crucifixion
The Ascension
Window Name: The Ascension
Window Name: Easter
Window Name: Pentecost
The Triquetra
Window Name: The Triquetra
The Coronation of Mary
Window Name: Ornamental
The Nativity Window
Window Name: The Nativity Window
Our Baptist Window
Window Name: Our Baptist Window
The Gold Star Window
The Good Shepherd Window
The Music Window
Window Name: The Music Window
Baptism of Jesus
Window Name: Baptism of Jesus
Window Name: Communion
The Commission
Window Name: The Commission
The Resurrection
Window Name: The Resurrection
The Crucifixion
Window Name: The Crucifixion
The Vigil
Window Name: The Vigil
The Procession
Window Name: The Procession
The Healing
Window Name: The Healing
The Miracle
Window Name: The Miracle
The Parables
Window Name: The Parables
The Teaching
Window Name: The Teaching
The Calling
Window Name: The Calling
The Nativity
Window Name: The Nativity
St. Nicholas
Window Name: St. Nicholas
The Moore Windows (Acts of Mercy Window)
The Gustin Window (Benedicite Window)
The Towner Window (Six Apostles Window)
The Quirk Windows (Altar Windows)
The Devoted Members’ Window (Symbols of the Saints Window)
The Watling Window (Symbols of Christ window)
The Veterans’ Window
The Clark Window (Sacraments Window)
The Ferrier Window (Prayer and Praise Window)
The Gilbert Window (Incarnation Window)
Philemon, Stephen, and Jude
Barnabas, Eunice, and Timothy
Philip, Thomas, and Bartholomew
Luke, James, and Matthew
Joel, Isaiah, and John the Baptist
Jonah, Daniel, and Nehemiah
Samuel, David, and Solomon
Abraham, Moses, and Job
The Nativity
Window Name: The Nativity
Christ's Baptism
Window Name: Christ's Baptism
Window Name: Temptation
Calling the Disciples
Christ Teaching
Window Name: Christ Teaching
Woman at the Well
Window Name: Woman at the Well
The Lost Sheep
Window Name: The Lost Sheep
The Prodigal Son
Window Name: The Prodigal Son
Stilling the Tempest
Feeding the Five Thousand
The Last Supper
Window Name: The Last Supper
Window Name: Crucifixion
The Resurrection
Window Name: The Resurrection
Window Name: Thomas
The Ascension
Window Name: The Ascension
Window Name: Pentecost
St. Matthew
Window Name: St. Matthew
St. Mark
Window Name: St. Mark
St. Luke
Window Name: St. Luke
St. John
Window Name: St. John
Window Name: David
St. Cecilia
Window Name: St. Cecilia