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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Little Stone Church, Union Congregational Church
Mackinac Island
Mackinac Island, Michigan 49757
Mackinac County
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Construction: 1904-1905

Architect: Asbury W. Buckley

Architect’s City: Chicago, IL

Number of Pictorial Windows: 3

Number of Non-pictorial Windows: 11

Archival Sources: Church archives and personal knowledge.

Window of the Month March 2002
Little Stone Church
MSGC: 1994.0148

Census Coordinator:
Lorabeth Fitzgerald

Studio Name
Lamb (J. and R.) Co.

Robert Stuart, the manager for John Jacob Astor’s American Fur Trading Company, consulting with voyageurs.
Rev. William Ferry with Indians
This is the left window of the series which depicts Shusco, an Indian conjurer who was converted to Christianity by the Reverend Ferry. The opalescent stained glass is an American technique in which designers mix multiple colors to produce a more opaque effect. Panes of glass are then layered into the design to add to the color’s depth. J & R Lamb Studios of New York, operational since 1857, are the oldest continuously operating stained glass studio in the US.