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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Building Name: Edsel and Eleanor Ford House

City: Grosse Pointe

Window Shape: 2 (rectangle)

Subject/Title of Window: Panel 12B

Brief Description of Subject: A shield, separated into quadrants, is inscribed within two circles. The upper-left quadrant of the shield has two white pieces diagonally split with a jagged black line, two red and gold chevron pieces and a blue and white rectangle with a crowned lion. The upper-right quadrant of the shield has two white pieces diagonally split with a blue line, a blue and gold checked piece, a half-blue/half-gold piece with three white circles within the blue half, and a white and gold in-painted sort of pinwheel of three bent soldier legs over a red background. The lower-left quadrant has a red piece with three white in-painted fish, and a red and white striped piece. The lower-right quadrant has a leg-pinwheel piece identical to the upper-right quadrant, two red and white in-painted pieces, a gold and black in-painted piece, and a white piece in-painted with a thick red “L” shape. The two right quadrants are linked with a smaller blue shield containing a white lion. The abstract pieces that surround the shield to form a circle are blue glass enameled with gold filigree. The outer circular border contains several gold, white, and/or blue pieces, many of which are in-painted with leaf, floral, or sun patterns.

Heraldic significance:
White symbolizes cleanliness, wisdom, innocence, peace, sincerity, and joy. Red symbolizes warriors or martyrs, military strength, and eagerness to serve one’s country. Gold symbolizes elevated thought and understanding, respect, virtue, majesty, and generosity. Blue symbolizes steadfastness, strength, truth, and loyalty. The shield in this panel represents the arms of Margaret Stanley. It shows her ancestry, and the combined symbols (quadrants) are the result of four marriages.

Panel 12B
Panel 12B

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