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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Building Name: Redford Avenue Presbyterian Church

City: Detroit

Window Shape: 3 (arched)

Date of Window: 1956

Subject/Title of Window: Way of Salvation

Brief Description of Subject: Three arched windows above altar. Left window is dedicated to God the Father. Bottom: Angel with flaming sword expelling Adam and Eve from Garden of Eden. Center: Moses with tables of the Ten Commandments. A balance at right. Top: Seraph cleansing Isaiah's lips with a burning coal. At left, a vision of Jesus. Just below the tracery is an oval medallion with the Hand of God pointing down.
Center window dedicated to God the Son. Bottom: Nativity. Five pointed star of Bethlehem shines down on Christ Child standing in cradle. Our Lady stands at left, St. Joseph at right. Lower Center: Last Supper. Our Lord and twelve Apostles [all haloed!] sit around table. Upper Center: Crucifixion. Our Lady to left, St. John the Evangelist to right. Top: Resurrection. Our Lord rises from the tomb holding banner with red cross, while two soldiers cower, one on either side. Just below the tracery is an oval medallion with the Lamb of God standing beneath a Chi-Rho.
Right window dedicated to God the Holy Spirit. Bottom: Pentecost. Holy Spirit in form of Dove descends on Apostles who have haloes and tongues of fire. Center: Four Evangelists. They sit around a writing desk while the Holy Spirit in form of Dove descends on them. Top: Saint Paul and another haloed figure [St. Timothy? St. Barnabas?] embark on a boat. Just below the tracery is an oval medallion with the Holy Spirit in form of Dove.
Window made by Marguerite Gaudin, of Willet Studios, Philadelphia, PA. Protected on outside by glass since installation.

Condition of Window: fair, some sagging

Height: 12 ft

Width: 8 ft 8 in (total)

Type of Glass and Technique: Antique or Cathedral Glass, Lead Came

Way of Salvation
Way of Salvation
Way of Salvation - Cartoon
Way of Salvation - Cartoon

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