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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Building Name: First United Methodist Church of Dearborn

City: Dearborn

Window Shape: 5 (gothic arched, 2 vertical sections)

Subject/Title of Window: Apostles Thomas and Philip

Brief Description of Subject: Thomas “Didymus” twins
Doubting Thomas- Unless I see I will not believe (John 20:25). He was absent the night he risen Christ appeared to the Disciples. Before the crucifixion, when other Disciples urged Jesus snot to risk his life by going into Judea, Thomas said he us also go that we may die within him (John 11:16). Legend claims Thomas was an architect- a patron of builders. The carpenter square appears on his shield.  Thomas possibly labored in Egypt, Ethiopia, and India. The Syrian Orthodox Church of Southern India claims it was founded by Saint Thomas personally. In 1952, the Syrian celebrated the nineteen hundred anniversary of Thomas’s arrival in their country .King Mazdai sentences Thomas to death. Four soldiers took him to a high mountain (Muolopur) near Madras, India. There, they either shot him with arrows, or pierce him with a lance. Bother of these weapons appear in his hand sand on his shield in the window. 

Philip was named after the son of Herod the Great, Philip the Tetarch of Iturea. Bishop daughter was buried in Ephesus. Philips’ sister, Miriam, accompanied him on his missionary travels. Philip had been a disciple of John the Baptist. A legend going back to Clement of Alexandria claims Philip was the Disciple who asked permission to fist bury his father before following Christ. (Matthew 8:21). Philip found Nathaniel. Philip estimates the cost of sufficient food to feed the five thousand hundred people. (John 6:5-13). Andrew discovered the lad with the loaves and fish. The panel at the bottom of the window shows Philip taking with his lad. It was Philip who directed the Greeks from Decapolis, who sought Jesus during Holy Week (John 12:24-27). Philip told Jesus at the Last Supper, Lord, show us the Father and we are satisfied (John 14:8). Assisted by his sister Miriamme and Bartholomew, Philip served as missionary to Pargia, Galatia and Scythia. He died in Hierapolis, the center of what is now modern Turkey. One authority says Philip died a natural death at eight seven years of age. Another claims he was crucified head downward, held by iron hooks and suspended from his ankles. He requested that Bartholomew be released. He asked that his own body be placed in Syrian papyrus reeds rather than a linen cloth.

Condition of Window: Good

Height: 17'

Width: 6.5'

Type of Glass and Technique: Lead Came

Apostles Thomas and Philip
Apostles Thomas and Philip

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