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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Building Name: St. Florian Catholic Church

City: Hamtramck

Window Shape: 4 (rounded or rose window)

Subject/Title of Window: Saints

Brief Description of Subject: This rose window in the nave pictures the attributes of 6 saints and Christ.

12 o'clock -- S(ANC)TUS FRANCISCUS DE SALES -- St. Francis de Sales (1567 - 1622) is a Doctor of the Church most famous for a book called "Introduction of the Devout Life". His attributes, pictured here, are an inflamed heart of Jesus surrounded by a stylized crown of thorns and a book.
2 o'clock -- ST. PAULUS -- St. Paul's attributes are a book (scriptural writing) and a sword (martyred with a shining sword -- he is the patron saint of swords).
4 o'clock -- S(ANC)TUS ANTONIUS -- St. Anthony (251 - 356) was a founder of monasticism. It is said he once heard animals talk in their stables thus on his feast day stables and domesticated animals are blessed. His attributes are a horse and Chi-Rho Cross (Christ).
6 o'clock -- S(ANC)TA THERESIA -- St. Theresa of the Child Jesus aka "Little Flower" (1873 - 1897) attributes are roses and a crucifix.
8 o'clock -- JOB -- Old testament figure. God took everything away from him but he never lost faith and God rewarded him handsomely -- thus known for patience (Patience of Job). His attribute is the ox -- oxen under yoke are very docile and are the symbol for patience.
10 o'clock -- S(ANC)TUS STEPHANUS -- St. Stephan was the first martyr. In Acts 6:5 he is said to be "a man full of faith and the Holy Spirit". He was stoned to death. His attributes pictured here are a descending dove (Holy Spirit) and 3 stones.

Center: A lamb carrying the victory banner and standing on a book with seven seals -- the lamb is Christ as described in the Apocalypse.


Width: 13' diameter

Saints close-up
Saints close-up
St. Anthony close-up
St. Anthony close-up
St. Therese close-up
St. Therese close-up

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