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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Building Name: East Congregational Church UCC

Studio Name: Chartres Glassmaker’s Guild

City: Grand Rapids

Window Shape: 5 (gothic arched, 2 vertical sections)

Date of Window: 1931

Subject/Title of Window: Hannah and Esther

Brief Description of Subject: Hannah
This window is in the famous Chartres blues, and represents two aspects of womanhood. In the first panel is Hannah, the mother. A little child's garment is enshrined in the medallion above Hannah. The inscription is, "My heart rejoiceth in the Lord," the words which are parallel to the Magnificat of Mary.

The medallion below pictures Hannah leading the boy, Samuel, by the hand, taking him to the temple to be consecrated there by the old Priest Eli, and dedicated to the service of God. The inscription, "Because I have asked him of the lord."

The queenly aspect of womanhood is portrayed by Esther, with her golden diadem, studded with precious jewels. The crown is the symbol of her royal prerogative.

The inscription; "Light and honor, gladness and joy."

In the medallion below, Esther appears before the King Ahasuerus. The inscription, "How can I endure to see the evil that shall come to my people/"

Inscriptions: My heart rejoiceth in the Lord
Because I have asked him of the Lord
How can I endure to see the evil that shall come to my people?
Light and gladness X joy X honor

Condition of Window: Good

Height: 11.5'

Width: 4.5'

Type of Glass and Technique: Antique or Cathedral Glass, Enamel Paint, Lead Came

Hannah and Esther
Hannah and Esther

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