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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Building Name: Holy Redeemer Church

Studio Name: Phillips Stained Glass Studio

City: Jenison

Window Shape: 4 (rounded or rose window)

Date of Window: 1988

Subject/Title of Window: Love and Grace

Brief Description of Subject: The window was designed by Doug Phillips of Phillips Stained Glass Studio in Cleveland, Ohio. The production was by John Johnston and Roy Williams. Glass color was by Mona Phillips with bevels by Mark Miller. The following is the dedication prayer that was used and sums up best what the window tries to express: “God, you are the first artist and creator of all that is good and beautiful. Throughout the ages you have entered into a holy relationship with all who strive to build upon your creation and imitate your artistry. We give you thanks and praise for inspiring the artist who has prepared this window for our Emmaus Chapel. The white and gold of the window remind us of the bread you broke and the reds remind us of the cup of wine you shared. The dark blues remind us that it was evening as you reached Emmaus where you dined with the disciples. Bless all who look upon this window and are touched by its effect in the place. May they be warned by its colors and uplifted by its bold proclamation. May it be like a jewel in a setting and give joy to all who come here to celebrate the mysteries of life and to contemplate your eternal presence.”

Love and Grace
Love and Grace

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