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Featured Windows, February 2002

St. Rita Catholic Church Window

Building: St. Rita Catholic Church

City: Clarklake

State: Michigan

This colorful window depicts the familiar story of "Noah and the Ark," as told in the Book of Genesis. The three-panel window provides a panoramic view of Noah's ship landing safely on Mount Ararat, after the destructive flood waters have receded.

Noah and his wife stand on the deck, their arms uplifted in thanksgiving for their deliverance, while the animals leave the ark in pairs.

In the foreground, one of Noah's sons and his wife celebrate with music and dancing. The rainbow overhead is a symbol of God's promise to Noah that never again would such a devastating flood sweep over the earth.

Designed by Dabbert and Fleming Architects of Jackson, St. Rita Catholic Church was completed in 1986. The sixteen-foot-long window was created in 2001 by Richard Hanley of Omnibus Studios, Inc., located in New Era, Michigan. To view another window based on the same story, visit the Window of the Month for January 2001.

St. Rita Catholic Church of Clarklake was registered in the Michigan Stained Glass Census by Eldred Kennedy of Clarklake.

(MSGC 1993.0022)

Text by Betty MacDowell, Michigan Stained Glass Census, February , 2002.