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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Featured Windows, May 1999

St. Mary Catholic Church

Building: St. Mary Catholic Church

City: Morrice

State: Michigan

In addition to documenting stained glass windows throughout the state, the Michigan Stained Glass Census is also recording the history of Michigan's major stained glass studios and artists. One of those artists is Margaret Bouchez Cavanaugh, who created this "Virgin and Child Window" in 1986 for St. Mary Catholic Church in Morrice. After graduating in 1950 with a fine arts degree from the College of Mount St. Joseph-on-the-Ohio, Cavanaugh joined the Detroit Stained Glass Works. She opened her own studio in Warren, Michigan, when the Detroit firm closed in 1970.

Cavanaugh designs complete liturgical interiors, including furnishings, sculpture and stained glass. She creates both faceted glass and leaded glass windows, screens and skylights. Her work has been installed in homes, churches, and hospitals in Michigan and other states and has been exhibited at the Detroit Institute of Arts, as well as at national conferences and galleries in the United States and Canada. Cavanaugh's art is linked to her religious faith. She points out, "The light and color of stained glass windows reflect the scriptures, which tell us that God is light."

(MSGC 2000.0029)