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St. Paul's Catholic Church, Onaway, Michigan: artists Peter and Christel Brahm

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First United Methodist Church
111 E. Michigan Ave.
Battle Creek, Michigan 49014
Calhoun County
Web Address:


Date Built: 1908

Architect: Wilbur Thoburn Mills

Architect’s City: Columbus, Ohio

Date of Alterations: 1998

Architect of Alterations: Larry Rizor

Alterations Architect’s City: Battle Creek, Michigan

Window of the Month January/February 2012

First United Methodist Church
MSGC: 2008.0006

Census Coordinator:
Carolyn Harvey
Jay Weiss

Artist Name:
Henry Keck

Studio Name
Flanagan & Biedenweg Co.

The Ascension of Christ
Jesus the Good Shepherd
John Wesley
The Garden of Gethsemane
Jesus the Good Shepherd
Jesus with the Children