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Stained Glass Bibliography


Caviness, Hayward, Husband, et al. Stained Glass before 1700 in American Collections. Washington DC: University Press of New England, 1989.

Sponsored by the National Gallery of Art, Volume 28 is one of a series of monographs that covers various regions of the US, i.e. midwestern and western states, and has an index for the entire series on medieval stained glass. Extensively updated publication available soon.

Lee, Sedden and Stephens. Stained Glass. London: Mitchell Beazley Publishers, 1976.

One of the first comprehensive well-illustrated books on stained glass. Holliday and Lushington photos.

Raguin, Virginia Chieffo. Glory in Glass: Stained Glass in the United States: Origins, Variety, and Preservation. New York: American Bible Society, 1998. Exhibit catalogue.

Raguin, Virginia Chieffo. Reflections on Glass - 20th Century Stained Glass in American Art and Architecture. New York: American Bible Society, 2003.

Raguin, Virginia Chieffo and Helen Jackson Zakin. Stained Glass Before 1700 in the Collections of the Midwest States. London: Corpus Vitrearum Inc., Harvey Miller Publishers, 2001.

This 2-volume series covers Illinois, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. The volumes are a much expanded version of the Studies in the History of Art, a series of checklists from 1985-87, 89 and 91. Every window has a photo, most black/white. The provenance of the stained glass from European church/cathedral to European gallery to United States museums and private collector(s) adds to the interest of these volumes.

Sturm, James and Chotas, James. Stained Glass From Medieval Times To The Present. New York: E.P. Dutton, 1982.

Stained glass treasures of New York City.

Whall, C. W. Stained Glass Work: A Textbook for Students and Workers in Glass. 1905, 1915, 1938 and 1999 (Bristol: Morris and Juliet Venables, 1999).

Christopher Whall (1849-1924) wrote probably the first textbook on cutting, painting, firing, glazing and leading up. Hard cover, 381 pages, 16 black/white photos and numerous b/w drawings.

Michigan Related

Collum, Marla O., Kostuch, Dorothy and Krueger, Barbara E.. Detroit's Historic Places of Worship. Wayne State University Press/Painted Turtle, 2012.

Nearly 20 years in the making, the authors profile 37 architecturally and historically significant houses of worship that represent 8 denominations and nearly 150 years of history, focusing on Detroit's most prolific era of church building, the 1850s to the 1930s, in chapters that are arranged chronologically. Entries begin with each building's founding congregation and trace developments and changes to the present day. Full-color photos by Dirk Bakker bring the interiors and exteriors of these amazing buildings to life, as the authors provide thorough architectural descriptions, pointing out notable carvings, sculptures, stained glass, and other decorative and structural features.

Appendices contain information on hundreds of architects, artisans, and crafts-people involved in the construction of the churches, and a map pinpoints their locations around the city of Detroit.

Eckert, Kathryn Bishop. Buildings of Michigan. New York/Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1993.

The first of many state books sponsored by the Society of Architectural Historians. Good overall discussion on Michigan architectural styles. Many churches listed in the index, but not by city. Updated version pending.

Hill, Eric and Gallagher, John. AIA Detroit: The American Institute of Architects Guide to Detroit Architecture. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 2002.

An update to the 1971 and 1980 editions with most photos by Balthazar Korab.

Tutag, Nola with Lucy Hamilton. Discovering Stained Glass in Detroit. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1987.

Covers public and private buildings, churches and the Detroit Institute of Art; many color photos.

Wiland, Laurence, Godzak and Celeskey, ed. Make Straight the Path, a 300-Year Pilgrimage. Detroit: Archdiocese of Detroit, 2000.

Divides Detroit into eight regions with history and photos of many older Catholic churches. Fold-out timeline shows all metro Catholic churches.

American Stained Glass

Adams, Henry, John LaFarge. New York: Abbeville Press, 1987.

Accompanied a major LaFarge exhibition; includes list of stained glass alphabetically by city.

Apolsto, Jane. Painting With Light. A Centennial History of the Judson Studios. Los Angeles: Historical Society of Southern California, 1997.

No color photos, but an extensive history of the studio, with a list of their CA installations.

Butts, Barbara and Lee Hendrix. Painting on Light - Drawings and Stained Glass in the Age of Durer and Holbein. Los Angeles: J. Paul Getty Museum, 2000.

Duncan, Alastair. Tiffany Windows. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1980.

A partial list of Tiffany windows, by state through 1911.

Eidelberg, Martin, Nina Gray and Margaret K. Hofer. A New Light On Tiffany: Clara Driscoll And The Tiffany Girls. New-York Historical Society, New York: in association with D Giles Unlimited, London, 2007.

Round robin letters between Clara (Wolcott) Driscoll (1861-1944) and her family were recently discovered in two locations, Kent State University in her home state of Ohio and her later residence New York City (Queens Historical Society). The contents are a landmark in the historical studies of Tiffany Studio and shed light on the role of women at the time, and of Clara's role as an artist/designer/supervisor at the Tiffany Studio from 1888-1909. Some historical photos and current color photos of window/mosaic/lamp projects Clara directed.

Farnsworth, Croce and Chorpenning. Stained Glass in Catholic Philadelphia. Philadelphia: St. Joseph's University Press, 2002.

Over 400 churches, chapels and institutions; many color photos; excellent biographical index. Relates to all major U.S. cities with large Catholic populations.

Frelinghuysen, Alice Cooney. Louis Comfort Tiffany and Laurelton Hall: An Artist's Country Estate. Yale University Press: The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), 2006.

Publication to coordinate with an exhibition of objects, many loaned by private collectors, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with major participation from the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art, Winter Park, FL. Laurelton Hall, the country home of Louis C. Tiffany (1848-1933) burned in 1957. Hugh McKean rescued the art, most of which ended up at the Morse Museum in Florida. Historical photos of Laurelton Hall and color photos of objects (stained glass, lamps, vases, American Indian woven baskets, and paintings) now located in many US collections. Contributions from Elizabeth Hutchinson, Julia Meech, Jennifer Perry Thalheimer, Barbara Veith and Richard Guy Wilson.

Frueh, Erne R and Florence. Chicago Stained Glass. Chicago: Loyola University Press, 1983.

Many color photos and good descriptions. List of studios and their Chicago installations.

Heinz, Thomas. Frank Lloyd Wright: Stained Glass & Light Screens. Salt Lake City: Gibbs Smith, 2000.

Heinz is an architect and has written 20 books on Wright, this being his 3rd book on the stained glass windows.

Jones, Robert. Biographical Index of Historic American Stained Glass Makers. Kansas City: Stained Glass Association of America and Stained Glass School, 2002.

Entries are A-Z, 138 pages of names taken from back issues of Ornamental Glass, Stained Glass Quarterly, individual studio records, personal papers, church records and numerous books. To be included the person or studio must have been active in Canadian or United States stained glass 50 or more years.

Koch, Robert. Louis C. Tiffany: Rebel in Glass. New York: Crown Publishers, 1982.

Lane, George and Kezys, A. Chicago Churches and Synagogues: An Architectural Pilgrimage. Chicago: Loyola University Press, 1981.

Lane was indirectly involved with the Chicago stained glass book.

Luebbering and Burnett. Gospels in Glass. Stained Glass Windows in Missouri Churches. Rocheport, MO: Pebble Publishing Inc., 2000.

Husband and wife team, many color photos, index of many Missouri church locations.

MacDowell, Betty. American Women Stained Glass Artists, 1870-1930: Their World and Their Windows. Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Services, 1986.

Index of women stained glass artists and designers active during this period.

McKean, Hugh F. The "Lost" Treasures of Louis Comfort Tiffany. New York: Doubleday & Company, 1980.

Norton, Paul F. Rhode Island Stained Glass, An Historical Guide. Dublin, NH: William L. Bauhan, 2001.

Arranged alphabetically by city and then by church, documents 320 public buildings. Thirty pages of color plates and 25 pages of individual and studio biographies.

Reed, Cleota. Henry Keck Stained Glass Studio 1913-1974. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 1985.

Keck worked mainly in upper state New York. Includes a list of windows by state.

Ross, Clifford and Paul Goldberger. Through the Looking Glass. University of Chicago Press/Hirmer Publishers, 2012.

A new glass installation, 28 square feet, part of a public works project, in the new Federal Courthouse in Austin, multi-media artist Clifford Ross The book details the origins and collaboration of the large fused, painted and laminated project, which was completed by Mayer and Co. in Munich Germany.

Sloan, Julie. Light Screens: The Leaded Glass of Frank Lloyd Wright. New York: Rizzoli Publications, 2001.

Discussion of patterns used in specific time frames. Published in conjunction with a traveling exhibition - Grand Rapids, MI; New York, NY; Atlanta, GA; Newport Beach, CA; Washington DC.

Stiritz, Longwisch and Toft. St. Louis: Historic Churches & Synagogues. St. Louis: Landmarks Assoc. and St. Louis Public Library, 1995.

Whyte, Bertha K. Craftsmen of Wisconsin. Racine: Western Publishing Co., 1971.

Includes 50 pages of Wisconsin stained and faceted glass people and their work.

Yarnall, James. John La Farge, A Biographical and Critical Study. Ashgate; 2012.

This is the first biography in a century of the American painter, illustrator, muralist, stained-glass artist, and writer. Examining La Farge's career from his youth to his late rebound as a decorative artist - from New York City and New England to Europe to Japan to the South Seas - this is also the only biography to date drawing on primary documentation culled from archives and contemporary newspapers and journals, the biography thoroughly documents La Farge's career and artwork. Earlier biographies avoided the darker aspects of his complex and conflicted life, which had dramatic effects on his work. The study also offers critical analysis of the artist's works, showing influences from other artists and giving contemporary and modern responses. La Farge authority James L. Yarnall scrutinizes how posterity has viewed the artist throughout the century since his death. The book is copiously illustrated with black-and-white and color images.

Stained Glass Outside of U.S.

Brian Clarke: Architectural Artist. London: Academy Editions, 1994.

A monograph about a somewhat controversial contemporary stained glass artist (1953-) featuring work in England, Germany and Japan. Paperback, 128 pages, large format, all color photos of preliminary sketches and installations in their architectural settings.

Angus, Mark. Modern Stained Glass in British Churches. London: A.R. Mowbray & Co., Ltd., 1984.

Contemporary stained glass in the UK, with a selected gazetteer. Paperback, 140 pages, forty + color photos.

Bayne, S. B. M. Heaton, Butler & Bayne: A Hundred Years of the Art of Stained Glass. Publisher: Privately printed by the author, 1986.

Clement Heaton (1824-1882), James Butler (1830-1913) and Richard T. Bayne (?-1915) were the initial forces behind this very successful English studio, with Bayne's children Richard C. Bayne (1870-1940) and Basil Richard Bayne (1897-1953) carrying on the tradition until the studio closed in 1953. Along the way HBB apprenticed Clayton and Bell before they partnered their own firm, and fabricated much of Henry Holiday's work. Gorham & Co. became their U.S. agent. Hard cover; 132 pages; 100+ color photos including many cartoons; window location from 1932 catalogue includes 31 U.S. states.

Bowe, Nicola G. The Life and Work of Harry Clarke. Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 1994.

The short life of Harry Clarke (1889-1931) has been carefully researched by Bowe who first published Clarke material in 1979. Clarke was a book illustrator, but more importantly a stunning master of stained glass. A listing of Clarke windows includes only the US church in Bayonne, NY. Paperback. 301 pages, 24 color pages, numerous black and white photos.

Brentnall, Margaret and Marigold Hutton. John Hutton: Artist and Glass Engraver. Philadelphia: The Art Alliance Press, 1986.

John Hutton (1906-1978) a transplanted New Zealand artist, received instant acclaim for his large engraved glass wall in the new Coventry Cathedral (Coventry, England) in 1962. From proposal to completion, the 66 larger-than-life figures took ten years and one chapter is devoted to this artistic wonder. Several appendices document Hutton's work (mural paintings, glass and other media; U.S. installations include one at Corning Museum of Glass and two in Texas. Hard cover, 216 pages, 8 color pages, numerous bl/wh photos, many photos of sketches in progress.

British Society of Master Glass Painters. "The Journal of Stained Glass"

The "Journal" was first published in 1924 as an annual publication from this organization. It has used its pages for scholarly and historical articles, along with features about contemporary stained glass artists. Including book reviews and obituaries, the paperback publication is generally about 200 pages in length and the color photos are interspersed with bl/wh photos. See for cost to subscribe.

Cormack, Peter. The Stained Glass Work of Christopher Whall, 1849-1924. Boston: Charles J. Connick Stained Glass Foundation; Trustees of the Public Library of Boston, 1999.

This is a revised version of a lecture given at the Boston Public Library's 1997 Connick Lecture, sponsored by the Charles J. Connick Stained Glass Foundation. The book traces the life and artistic development of Christopher Whall. Included is a bibliography and illustrations of Whall's stained glass. Paperback, 60 pages.

Jenkins, Simon. Franz Mayer of Munich: Architecture, Glass, Art. Distributed by University of Chicago Press/Hirmer Publishers, 2013.

Founded in 1847, Franz Mayer of Munich is one of the world’s foremost studios for mosaics and stained glass. Dedicated to the restoration of historic works as well as the execution of contemporary projects for artists and architects worldwide, the family-owned company is widely lauded for its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Generously illustrated, Franz Mayer of Munich takes readers on a tour of the company’s long history, from its genesis as a fine arts manufacturer to the establishment of a stained glass department in 1860 and the period of rapid growth and expansion—including the opening of branches in London and New York—that followed. In 1925, a mosaic department was added and the company began honing its expertise in these areas, enabling ever more ambitious rebuilds and restorations. Essays and photographs provide insight into Franz Mayer of Munich today, documenting projects’ development and realization.

Works by Franz Mayer of Munich can be seen in public spaces all across the world, but there have been few accessible books about the company.

Knapp, Gottfried and Bernhard Graf. England's Thousand Best Churches. New York: The Penguin Press, 1999.

Those big on English architecture will find this an enjoyable book. Although not focused on stained glass, still it rounds out a trip to England. Good county map precedes each section. Colored photos scattered throughout. Hard cover, 822 pages, by county.

Osborne, June. Stained Glass in England. London: F. Muller, 1981.

A brief history of stained glass from the beginnings to the 20th C. has been augmented in the 1997 edition by a lengthy gazetteer, from Avon to Yorkshire. Paperback, 270 pages with 32 color and some black and white photos.

Stavridi, Margaret. Master of Glass: Charles Eamer Kempe 1837-1907. Hatfield : John Taylor Book Ventures for the Kempe Society, 1988.

Available from the Kempe Society at The author is the daughter of the chief draftsman for the Kempe firm who carried on the studio for 20 years following Kempe's death. Letters, photos, designs, press clippings and sketchbooks are the basis of the book. A partial list of Kempe windows in Great Britain is included. As of 2000 the Kempe Society has a complete corpus of windows in the UK and Ireland. Hardcover, 106 black and white illustrations and 17 color photos.

Repair and Restoration

Census of Stained Glass Windows in America. Conservation and Restoration of Stained Glass: An Owner's Guide. Raleigh, NC: Stained Glass Associates. 1988.

In pamphlet format and intended for church personnel, this is the first U.S. conservation advisory concerned with overly zealous and misguided stained glass restoration. Can be obtained from the Stained Glass Association of America, Raytown, MO.

Stained Glass Association of America. Standards and Guidelines for the Preservation of Historic Stained Glass. Kansas City: Stained Glass Association of America, 1995, rev 1998.

Discusses methods of conservation with unacceptable techniques detailed.

SGAA Sourcebook. Raytown, MO: Stained Glass Association of America.

Annual publication is a portfolio and list of Accredited members skilled in restoration.

Vogel, Neal and Achilles, Rolf. "The Preservation and Repair of Historic Stained and Leaded Glass," Preservation Brief #33. Washington DC: National Park Service, 1993.

The National Park Service has published 47 informational pamphlets on restoration of various building materials.