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First United Methodist Church
411 Harrison St.
Grand Ledge, Michigan 48837
Eaton County


Construction: 1911-1912

Architect: E.M.Wood

Date of Alterations: 1994

Architect of Alterations: Paul D. Barbour

Alterations Architect’s City: Grand Ledge

Number of Pictorial Windows: 60

Archival Sources: Grand Ledge Historical Society, public library, first united Methodist Library, video, other materials.

Building Notes: Additional forms (numbered 94.0011A) refer to Education Unit, perhaps a separate building which has a construction date of 1961. In 2000-2001 alterations were made to that building, including the installation of 41 new stained glass windows.

MSGC: 1994.0011

Census Coordinator:
C. Bernard Johnson