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Inserts for door, designed and contructed by Guido Goldkuhle<br /> Traverse City, Michigan

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Artist / Studio

Alten, Mathias
Artmaier, A.
Barillet, Jean
Beal, Patricia L.
Beall, Harry M.
Boyle, Brendan
Burke, Pamela
Buswell, Rich
Cameron, Richard
Carpenter, Ed
Cavanaugh, Margaret Bouchez
Compton, Pearl
Coombe-Rayburn , Mary Alice
Devereaux, Elizabeth
Donlin, Martin
Elskus, Albinas
Goodhue, Harry Wright
Guthrie, J. Gordon
Haynes, Rev. Gloria
Hodge, Samuel A.
Jungwirth, Irene Gayas
Katz, A. Raymond
Keck, Henry
Kemper, Guy
La Farge, John
Lawson, Madge
McDonough, Julie
McNinch, Peg
Miret, Ellen
Nagens, Rev. John
O'Connor, OP, Sister Helene
Orr, Maria
Owczarski, Marion
Pinart, Robert
Potes, Virginia (Ginni)
Prather, Odell "Billie"
Raleigh, John Duncan
Rattner, Abraham
Rother, Helene
Rowe, Carol
Rusnak, Anthony
Sallman, Warner
Sattler, Vera
Simpson, Lewis W.
Sluyter, Jim
Stent, Edward J.N.
Truscott, Nancy
Waltz, M. Sue
Weeg, Leo
Wright, Edith Hazzard
Wright, Frank Lloyd
Wright, Robert Toland
Zucci, G.A.

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