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St. Paul's Catholic Church, Onaway, Michigan: artists Peter and Christel Brahm

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Hanley, Richard E., Omnibus Studios
Okemos; New Era, Michigan

Biography: From the booklet, "Grand Ledge First United Methodist Church, Education Unit Stained Glass Program, 2000-2001," by Dr. C. Bernard Johnson.

Richard E. Hanley president of Omnibus Studios, Inc., was born in 1948 in Muskegon, Michigan. From an early age he was interested in the arts, especially drawing and painting. He took classes in sculpture, watercolor, and drawing and won several awards in his teens, including a second place for his metal sculpturing in the Annual Christian Art Show in Sparta, Michigan.

He received a scholarship to Michigan State University where he received his formal art training. He also received a scholarship to Parson's School of Design in New York City.

After college, he trained with Andrew R. Maglio, a Sicilian master stained glass artist and maosaicist. Then, in 1973 Richard established Omnibus Stuidos, Inc. in Okemos, Michigan.

Since then, the studio has designed and built stained glass windows for churches, homes, businesses in almost every state, and several foreign countries. The studio's primary focus is creating high quality stained glass windows for churches. In 1993 Richard E. Hanley was accepted as an accredited member, the highest status of membership, in the Stained Glass Association of America.

Richards' wife, Anne, is an RN, and they home school their three children, Kately 15, Joshua 12, and Peter 10. All three children are artists and are accomplished musicians. In 1999 they built a home on 10 acres in New Era, Michigan, on the shore of Lake Michigan. The studio also moved to this location.

Obitutary for Mark Talaba,


     Hanley, Dick Edmund
     Taleba, Mark

The Holy Family
Window Name: The Holy Family
Building Name and City: St. Rita Catholic Church, Clarklake
Let the Children Come Unto Me
Building Name and City: St. Rita Catholic Church, Clarklake
Noah's son and his wife
Building Name and City: St. Rita Catholic Church, Clarklake
The Pearl
Window Name: The Pearl
Fishers of Men
Window Name: Fishers of Men
Light of the World
Window Name: Light of the World
Loaves and Fishes
Window Name: Loaves and Fishes
Jesus the Vine
Window Name: Jesus the Vine
Blessed Trinity
Window Name: Blessed Trinity
The Living Water
Window Name: The Living Water
The Resurrection
Window Name: The Resurrection
Thirsting forGod
Window Name: Thirsting forGod
Window Name: Reconciliation
Jesus Our Redeemer
Window Name: Jesus Our Redeemer
Mother of Our Redeemer
Window Name: Non-pictorial
Window Name: Non-pictorial
The Baptism
Window Name: The Baptism
The Nativity
Window Name: The Nativity
Calling the Disciples
The Wedding at Cana
Window Name: The Wedding at Cana
The Good Shepherd
Window Name: The Good Shepherd
Jesus and the Children
The Stilling of the Waters
The Gethsemane Experience
Window Name: Resurrection
Window Name: Ascension
The Last Supper
Window Name: The Last Supper
Jubilate Deo
Window Name: Jubilate Deo
Holy Spirit
Window Name: Holy Spirit
Window Name: Ornamental
Building Name and City: First Presbyterian Church, Fenton
Window Name: Ornamental
First Day of Creation
Second Day of Creation
Third Day of Creation
Fourth Day of Creation
Fifth Day of Creation
Sixth Day of Creation
Noah's Ark
Window Name: Noah's Ark
Moses in the Bulrushes
Burning Bush
Window Name: Burning Bush
Window Name: Quails
Ten Commandments
Window Name: Ten Commandments
Ruth and Naomi
Window Name: Ruth and Naomi
Holy Communion
Window Name: Holy Communion
Triumph of Gospel
Window Name: Triumph of Gospel
Window Name: Transfiguration
Ten Commandments
Window Name: Ten Commandments
Feeding the Multitudes
Window Name: Cana
King of Kings
Window Name: King of Kings
Triumphal Entry
Window Name: Triumphal Entry
Window Name: Matthew
Window Name: Mark
Window Name: Luke
Window Name: John
Window Name: Nativity
Flight to Egypt
Window Name: Flight to Egypt
Window Name: Presentation
Window Name: Rainbow
Last Supper
Window Name: Last Supper
Choosing Disciples
Window Name: Choosing Disciples
Window Name: Baptism
Window Name: Justice
Peter's Commission
Window Name: Peter's Commission
Window Name: Prayer
Window Name: Solomon
Window Name: Creation
Fall of Man
Window Name: Fall of Man
Window Name: Expulsion
Window Name: Deluge
Window Name: Jude
Window Name: Simon
Window Name: Matthias
Peter's Denial
Window Name: Peter's Denial
Window Name: Andrew
Window Name: John
Window Name: James
Window Name: Peter
James the Less
Window Name: James the Less
Window Name: Thomas
Window Name: Bartholomew
Window Name: Philip
Window Name: Joy
Window Name: Praise