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St. Paul's Catholic Church, Onaway, Michigan: artists Peter and Christel Brahm

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Omnibus Studios
Okemos; New Era, Michigan

Biography: Obitutary for Mark Talaba,


     Hanley, Dick Edmund
     Taleba, Mark

The Holy Family
Window Name: The Holy Family
Building Name and City: St. Rita Catholic Church, Clarklake
Let the Children Come Unto Me
Building Name and City: St. Rita Catholic Church, Clarklake
Noah's son and his wife
Building Name and City: St. Rita Catholic Church, Clarklake
The Pearl
Window Name: The Pearl
Fishers of Men
Window Name: Fishers of Men
Light of the World
Window Name: Light of the World
Loaves and Fishes
Window Name: Loaves and Fishes
Jesus the Vine
Window Name: Jesus the Vine
Blessed Trinity
Window Name: Blessed Trinity
The Living Water
Window Name: The Living Water
The Resurrection
Window Name: The Resurrection
Thirsting forGod
Window Name: Thirsting forGod
Window Name: Reconciliation
Jesus Our Redeemer
Window Name: Jesus Our Redeemer
Mother of Our Redeemer
Window Name: Non-pictorial
Window Name: Non-pictorial
The Baptism
Window Name: The Baptism
The Nativity
Window Name: The Nativity
Calling the Disciples
The Wedding at Cana
Window Name: The Wedding at Cana
The Good Shepherd
Window Name: The Good Shepherd
Jesus and the Children
The Stilling of the Waters
The Gethsemane Experience
Window Name: Resurrection
Window Name: Ascension
The Last Supper
Window Name: The Last Supper
Jubilate Deo
Window Name: Jubilate Deo
Holy Spirit
Window Name: Holy Spirit
Window Name: Ornamental
Building Name and City: First Presbyterian Church, Fenton
Window Name: Ornamental
First Day of Creation
Second Day of Creation
Third Day of Creation
Fourth Day of Creation
Fifth Day of Creation
Sixth Day of Creation
Noah's Ark
Window Name: Noah's Ark
Moses in the Bulrushes
Burning Bush
Window Name: Burning Bush
Window Name: Quails
Ten Commandments
Window Name: Ten Commandments
Ruth and Naomi
Window Name: Ruth and Naomi