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Kanley Chapel, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan

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Cavanaugh, Margaret Bouchez
Warren, Michigan

Biography: After graduating in 1950 with a fine arts degree from the College of Mount St. Joseph-on-the-Ohio, Cavanaugh joined the Detroit Stained Glass Works. She opened her own studio in Warren, Michigan, when the Detroit firm closed in 1970. Cavanaugh designs complete liturgical interiors, including furnishings, sculpture and stained glass. She creates both faceted glass and leaded glass windows, screens and skylights. Her work has been installed in homes, churches, and hospitals in Michigan and other states and has been exhibited at the Detroit Institute of Arts, as well as at national conferences and galleries in the United States and Canada. Cavanaugh's art is linked to her religious faith. She points out, "The light and color of stained glass windows reflect the scriptures, which tell us that God is light."

Virgin and Child
Window Name: Virgin and Child
Building Name: St. Mary Parish
Window Name: Fall
Window Name: Spring
Summer to Fall
Window Name: Summer to Fall
Entrance doors and sidelights
Window Name: Roundels
Duty and Inspiration
God's presence
Window Name: God's presence
The Crucifixion
Window Name: The Crucifixion
The Theme of Creation
The Theme of Creation
The Theme of Creation
First Day of Creation
Second Day of Creation
Third Day of Creation
Fourth Day of Creation
Fifth Day of Creation
Sixth Day of Creation
Complete Window
Window Name: Complete Window
Life of Moses
Window Name: Life of Moses
Window Name: Creation
Window Name: Prophets
Chi Rho
Window Name: Chi Rho
Andrew and Peter
Window Name: Andrew and Peter
John and James the Greater
Philip and Bartholomew
Window Name: Paul
Congregational and Christian Churches
Reformed Church, Huldreich Zwingli, Evangelical Church, Martin Luther
John Calvin and Triune God
Alpha and Omega
Window Name: Alpha and Omega
Matthew and Thomas
Window Name: Matthew and Thomas
Jude and James the Lesser
Matthias and Simon
Window Name: Matthias and Simon
Window Name: Baptism
The Passion of Christ
Birth of the Son of Man
Window Name: Resurrection
Window Name: IHS
IXϴYC over Fish
Window Name: IXϴYC over Fish
Descending Dove
Window Name: Descending Dove
Window Name: Rainbow
Eternal Spiral
Window Name: Eternal Spiral