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St. Paul's Catholic Church, Onaway, Michigan: artists Peter and Christel Brahm

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Loire (Gabriel) Studios

Birth Year: 1904

Death Year: 1996

Biography: Gabriel Loire was born in 1904 in Pouance, France. He studied the art of stained glass while at the Catholic University of Angers and wrote his thesis on it at the age of twenty. In 1926, Loire worked with Charles Lorin (1874-1940) in Chartres, France. He immersed himself in learning all he could from Lorin, and even designed some stained glass of his own. By 1936, Loire aspired to have his own studio, and to break his contract with Lorin, Loire agreed not to work in stained glass for ten years. Loire spent the next decade painting, illustrating and writing books for children, and finding other outlets for his creativity. However in 1946, he returned to his true passion, stained glass. The technique that Loire specialized in, faceted glass, appeared in France in the first third of the 20th century, and Loire thought it perfect for the architecture of the times. His work really took off when, in 1950, a Frenchman and admirer opened Loire Imports in New York, contributing greatly to Loire's work being seen outside of his native France. It was around this same time that some of his most famous windows made their mark on the United States. Loire designed windows for the First Presbyterian Church in Stamford, Connecticut. The church there is in the shape of a fish and surrounds the viewer with faceted glass walls. As described in the SGAA Reference and Technical Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Stained Glass, this church paved the way for new ideas in church design, with its overwhelming colors saturating the interior. It was thought of as one of the "most powerful modern churches in the world."


     Loire, Gabriel

The South Portal
Window Name: The South Portal
Academic Window
Window Name: Academic Window
Insect for zoology
Window Name: Insect for zoology
Masks of the dramatic arts
Window Name: Masks of the dramatic arts
Romanesque arch
Window Name: Romanesque arch
Gothic flying buttress
Modern skyscraper
Window Name: Modern skyscraper
Building Name and City: Trinity Episcopal Church, Ann Arbor
Classical column
Window Name: Classical column
Window Name: Baptismal
Ten Commandments
Window Name: Ten Commandments
Four Gospels
Window Name: Four Gospels
Window Name: Prayer
Holy Spirit
Window Name: Holy Spirit
Window Name: Communion
Lamb of God
Window Name: Lamb of God
May bug
Window Name: May bug
Palm tree
Window Name: Palm tree
Shooting Star
Window Name: Shooting Star
Horn of the Ox
Window Name: Horn of the Ox
Tree in bloom
Window Name: Tree in bloom
Work of man
Window Name: Work of man
The sun
Window Name: The sun
Sky full of stars
Window Name: Sky full of stars