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St. Paul's Catholic Church, Onaway, Michigan: artists Peter and Christel Brahm

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Holman City Stained Glass
Fort Wayne, Indiana


     Alfred J. Timmler

Ark of Noah
Window Name: Ark of Noah
Bearing the Gifts, Bearing the words
Beginning of Christianity and of St. Lorenz Church
Window Name: Bible
Window Name: Chandeliers
Christ, hope of past, present, future
Coming of the worshipful
Crux Quadrate
Window Name: Crux Quadrate
Descending Dove
Window Name: Descending Dove
Disciples and Immigrants
Disciples and Missionaries
Window Name: Grapes
Helmet of salvation
Window Name: Helmet of salvation
Lamb of God
Window Name: Lamb of God
Martin Luther
Window Name: Martin Luther
Nativity; Beginnings of Frankenmuth
Palm fronds and cross
Dove and olive branch
St. Lorenz
Window Name: St. Lorenz
St. Lorenz
Window Name: St. Lorenz
St. Paul
Window Name: St. Paul
Sword and Shield
Window Name: Sword and Shield
Teaching Christ’s Words
The Foundation of Our Nation
The St. Lorenz Window
West Transept, Disciples and missionaries
West Transept, Rev. Walther
West Transept, Teaching Christ’s Word