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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Building Name: Church of the Divine Child

Studio Name: Willet Hauser Architectural Glass

City: Dearborn

Window Shape: 2 (rectangle)

Subject/Title of Window: Mass, part 1

Brief Description of Subject: This is the first of 3 such windows. The medallions are to be read bottom to top.

The sketches of these windows by Marguerite Gaudin do not match their realization -- they differ mainly in the order of the medallions.

The bottom medallion is no longer visible as a railing, which was put in when the choir loft was expanded and the organ pipes exposed, now blocks its view. The inscription on that medallion is "Mea Culpa" which are words taken from the prayer called the "Confiteor" (I confess). When the priest gets to the words "mea culpa" his right hand will beat his breast. The smoke rising towards heaven from the dish symbolizes a prayer -- in this case a sin offering to God.

The middle medallion is inscribed with the word "Gospel". Just before reading the gospel, the priest will place his right hand on the "Book of Gospels" and recite a prayer. The Gospels were written with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit -- symbolized here by a descending dove.

The top medallion is inscribed with the words "Accept this spotless host". These words mark the beginning of the Offertory -- offering gifts and prayers to God. While reciting this prayer the priest will uncover the chalice, placing a linen cloth on top of it and will then lift up the paten with the unconsecrated host on it. He holds the paten with his two thumbs on one end and fingers on the other as seen in this medallion. A cross is in the background symbolizing the presence of Christ.

Comments from "Our Stained Glass Windows" c. 1970 "At the north (epistle side) wall of the sanctuary is one of the very significant and charming windows in the Church. It is a medallion type of window which relates, chiefly by the hands of the priest the progressive story of the Mass."

Inscriptions: MEA CULPA (My Fault)

Height: 140"

Width: 36"

Mass, part 1
Mass, part 1
Mass, part 1, top medallion
Mass, part 1, top medallion
Mass, part 1, Willet Studio sketch
Mass, part 1, Willet Studio sketch
Mass Windows
Mass Windows
Three Epistle Side Mass windows, outside
Three Epistle Side Mass windows, outside

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