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St. Andrew Cathedral (and St. Ambrose Chapel)
267 Sheldon S.E.
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503
Kent County
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Date Built: 1876

Architect: John Grady

Architect’s City: Grand Rapids, MI

Date of Alterations: 1901


Architect of Alterations: Erhard Brielmaier and Sons; Harry Mead

Alterations Architect’s City: Milwaukee, WI; Grand Rapids

Number of Pictorial Windows: 28

Number of Non-pictorial Windows: 10

Archival Sources: John W. McGee: St. Andrew's Church: 1876-1976, Grand Rapids, 1976. Charles W. Popell, St. Andrew's Church: 1876-1976, Grand Rapids, 1976. St. Ambrose Chapel of St. Andrew Cathedral, 267 Sheldon S.E., Grand Rapids, MI 49503 Contact person: Anne Gurecki, business mgr. Phone: 616-456-1454 Constructed: 1963 Architect: Harry Mead, Grand Rapids Pictorial windows: 6 Non-pictorial: 2 Charles W. Popell: St. Andrews Church: 1876-1976, Grand Rapids, 1976, pp. 25-29.

Building Notes: Designed by Grand Rapids architect John Grady, the original church was completed in 1876 and named as a cathedral in 1883. After a fire in 1901, reconstruction on a larger scale followed the Gothic Revival plans of Ernest Brielmaier and Sons of Milwaukee. Later additions in 1938, 1961 and 1980-81 added even more space and features.

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Cathedral of St. Andrew
MSGC: 1995.0028

Census Coordinator:
Thomas R. Bochniak

Studio Name
Zettler (F. X.) Studios
Mayer (Franz) and Company

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