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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Kemper, Guy

Birth Year: 1958

Biography: Louisville native Guy Kemper began his work as a traditional stained glass artist while in college.  As his career progressed, he moved away from stained glass as we know it, and worked with a firm in Germany.  This firm had begun to work with large sheets of multi colored layers of blown glass, enamel paints and hydrofluoric acid.  The acid is used to etch away some of the color, either top or bottom and sometimes enamel paint is used in a very “watery” manner to expand the total design.  For the most part, Kemper’s work can be seen in large commercial buildings such as airports and public buildings as well as a memorial chapel at Ground Zero in New York.  His studio is on a large farm filled with trees, from which the light and shadows provide much inspiration.  His Michigan work can be seen at Brody Hall on the campus of Michigan State University .;