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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Kozak (G.) Studio
Rochester Hills, Michigan

Birth Year: 1933

Death Year: 2001

Biography: Born in the Ukraine, Kozak came to Michigan with his parents, sister and brother in 1949. The family had fled their native country to escape political persecution and had spent several years as refugees in Poland and Germany prior to their arrival in America. Kozak, who is also a painter, photographer, mosaicist and sculptor, studied at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit and worked for General Motors as an industrial sculptor before retiring. He prefers to create art filled with religious imagery, for which he does painstaking research. In addition to the stained glass windows, Kozak's church also displays his murals and sculpture.


     Kozak, George
     Truckey, Anna
     Truckey, Maria

Great West Window: History of the Catholic Church
Building Name and City: St. Josaphat Church
Great East Window: History of the Ukranian Church
Building Name and City: St. Josaphat Church