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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Greene (George) Studio
Shields, Pennsylvania

Birth Year: 1862

Death Year: 1935

Biography: George Greene created the windows designed by Lewis Simpson for Fair Lane, as well as other stained glass throughout the mansion. Earlier, Greene had been a partner with Theodore H. Leake (b. 1859) in the decorating firm of Leake & Greene that they established in 1889 at Boston, where they added English glass artist Henry Hunt (1867-1951) to their staff. After moving to different locations in both Boston and Pittsburgh, the firm remained at Pittsburgh from 1893 until 1906 when the partnership ended. During its seventeen years of operation, Leake & Greene was responsible for the decoration of several churches and other buildings in Pennsylvania and New York State, including stained glass and glass mosaics. The firm also participated in architecture exhibitions held in 1898 and 1905 at Pittsburgh, where it exhibited illustrations of its work. In 1916, Greene (now spelled Green) was working independently as a stained glass artist and living at Shields (part of Edgeworth today), PA. He died at Shields in 1935 and was buried in Kinderhook, NY. Greeneā€™s stained glass work, done after his partnership with Leake had ended, is still being discovered and documented. His role in creating windows for Fair Lane was recently revealed.

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Building Name and City: Fair Lane