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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Building Name: Our Shepherd Lutheran Church

Studio Name: Loire (Gabriel) Studios

City: Birmingham

Window Shape: 2 (rectangle)

Date of Window: 1969

Subject/Title of Window: Lamb of Victory

Brief Description of Subject: This is the last in a series of seven paneled windows, designed by Gabriel Loire, positioned along the eastern wall of the nave. According to this Church, "each window depicts a particular part of our walk with God."
The Church titled this window "Lamb of Victory."
Church interpretation: "The window nearest the lectern represents the victorious LAMB OF GOD with the banner of the cross. He, who is "Our Shepherd" to lead and guide us through life, is also the mighty Son of God, who rules the world and His Church, and will lead all those who believe in Him in a triumphant march to heaven."
The victorious Lamb of God is posed in what heraldry is called "passant regardant" --- body turned sideways to viewer's left, right foot raised, and head turned backward. A victorious lamb standing atop a book with seven seals is the lamb introduced in Chapter 5 of Revelation "... and I saw a lamb standing ... You are worthy to take the scroll and to open the seals, because you were slain, and with your blood you purchased men for God." (RSV)
To the left of the lamb is the Chi-Rho cross. Christ's name transliterated from ancient Greek is spelled "XPICTOC." Superimposing the first two letters "X" (Chi) and "P" (Rho) form a Christogram.
At the bottom right, the window is signed and dated by the designer and maker --- "Gabriel Loire, Chartes, France 1969."
The window was donated in memory and honor of their parents Mr. & Mrs. William J. Allwardt and Mr. & Mrs. William Coy by Rev. & Mrs. H.G. Allwardt.
Note the sketch by Gabriel Loire originally had the lamb posed lying down. Also he dates this design to June 1968.

Height: 7’3”

Width: 12’ 8”

Type of Glass and Technique: Slab or Faceted Glass (Dalle de Verre)

Lamb of Victory
Lamb of Victory
Lamb of Victory close-up
Lamb of Victory close-up
Lamb of Victory, Loire signature
Lamb of Victory, Loire signature
Lamb of Victory outside
Lamb of Victory outside
Lamb of Victory, Loire Studio sketch
Lamb of Victory, Loire Studio sketch

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