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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Building Name: Holy Name Church

Studio Name: Detroit Stained Glass Works, The

City: Birmingham

Date of Window: 1955

Subject/Title of Window: Marian Titles #1

Brief Description of Subject: This is the first of 3 windows located in the area around the side door. With the addition of the annex, these windows no longer receive direct sunlight, they do however receive some indirect sunlight from the hall windows. These windows use symbols to illuminate titles of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. Most of them are taken from the Litany of Loreto that was approved by the Pope in 1587. Through the years a few titles have been added.
Top to Bottom:
QUEEN OF PEACE. Crown with a dove carrying an olive branch: The dove carrying an olive branch as a symbol of peace comes from the end of the flood in Genesis 8:11, when a dove came back to the ark "carrying a bough of an olive branch, with green leaves, in her mouth. Noe therefore understood that the waters were ceased upon the earth." (Douay-Rheims).
The story of how this title came about and added to the Litany begins in 1518 with an 11 inch high wooden statue. Jean Joyeuse gave this statue as a wedding present to his wife. It had the Virgin Mary holding an olive branch in her right hand and the Christ child in her left. It remained in the family through a few generations and was known as the "Virgin of Joyeuse." Eventually it came into possession of the Capuchin Franciscans of Paris. It remained there for over two hundred years and was given the name that is still used today, "Our Lady of Peace." In 1806 it came into the possession of its present owner --- The Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, located in Paris. In 1906 crowns were added to the statue by the Archbishop of Paris in the name of the Pope. In 1916, while World War 1 was raging, Pope Benedict XV added "Queen of Peace" to the Litany.
SPIRITUAL VESSEL. A Monstrance: A Monstrance is a spiritual vessel used to display a consecrated host (the body of Christ) at the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. Mary has the title "Spiritual Vessel" since from her conception of Jesus until his birth, she housed the body of Christ in her womb.
VIRGIN MOST PRUDENT. Lit oil lamp: In the Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins, Matthew 25:1 - 10, the prudent virgins were prepared to light their lamps at night to direct the bridegroom (Christ) to the wedding feast. Thus the lit oil lamp to symbolize Mary as the "Virgin Most Prudent."
MOTHER OF CHRIST. Manger with the name "Mary" inscribed: This illuminates Luke 2:7, "And she {Mary} brought forth her firstborn son [Christ] ... and laid him in a manger. Thus Mary's title as "Mother of Christ."

This window was designed by Margaret Bouchez Cavanaugh when she worked at the Detroit Stained Glass Works.

Height: 96"

Width: 21"

Marian Titles #1
Marian Titles #1
Facsimile of the Queen of Peace 1518 Statue
Facsimile of the Queen of Peace 1518 Statue

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