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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Building Name: Trinity Episcopal Church

Studio Name: Tiffany Studios (attributed by the church to)

City: Niles

Window Shape: 5 (gothic arched, 2 vertical sections)

Date of Window: 1953

Subject/Title of Window: Jesus Calling the Disciples

Brief Description of Subject: Robed in ruby and white, Jesus stands on the shore and beckons the apostles. Andrew in the forefront is robed in green and gold. In the lower section, St. Andrew is shown bearing his diagonal cross: small loaves and fishes are seen in this section.
Above all is the anchor of hope.  

The window is devote to the Calling of the Apostles to be Fishers of Men.
Our Lord, in garments of ruby and white symbolic of divine love and purity, stands on the shore and beckons to the apostles with Andrew robed in green and gold in the forefront. It is a most, significant theme, and one of our favorites.
In the medallion below, Saint Andrew is again represented bearing the diagonal cross which has traditionally distinguished him among the apostles.

Little symbols at either side suggest the loaves and fishes of the Feeding of the Five Thousand, for it was Andrew who brought the boy who had them to Our Lord.

Above is the anchor symbol of hope and steadfastness particularly appropriate to this composition.
The memorial inscription at the base reads “In loving memory of William A White and Stuart Bernard White” The window executed by Connick Associates and in loving memory of her husband. William Anna White and of her son, Stuart Bernard White.

William Anna White was born January 28, 1863 at Ionia, Michigan. On march 24, 1889 he and Harriet E Track were married at Carson City, Michigan. In 1913 the family moved to Niles. Mr. White was a lifelong Communicant of the Church and until his death on February 28, 1920 was an active and faithful member of Trinity Parish.

Stuart Bernard White was born October 13, 1893 at Wellsville Ohio and came to Niles with his parents in 1913. He studied law and upon completion of his university work established a law office in Niles and continue his practice until his tragic and untimely death in an automobile accident on November 10, 1950. Mr. White had been a member of Michigan Public Service Commission for several years and served as its Chairman in 1947 and 1948. He was an active member of Trinity Church and had several many years as a member of the Vestry Parish.

The White Memorial Window depicts the calling of Saint Andrew to be an Apostle of our Lord and carries in its design the traditional symbols of Saint Andrew, Apostle and Martyr.

Condition of Window: Good

Height: 8.5'

Width: 2'

Type of Glass and Technique: Antique or Cathedral Glass

Jesus Calling His Disciples
Jesus Calling His Disciples

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