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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Building Name: Trinity Episcopal Church

City: Lexington

Window Shape: 2 (rectangle)

Subject/Title of Window: The Holy Trinity

Brief Description of Subject: The concept of the Holy Trinity was not spouse as such during Christ’s ministry on Earth, probably because there seemed no need for it. Later on, however, it appeared that the various manifestation of God should be put into concrete form. Thus the doctrine of the Trinity evolved. Indeed, one of the greatest controversies of the early church centered about this doctrine. The fact that God came to Earth in the physical form of Christ has boggled minds for centuries. Yet, the very fact that a spirit was able to accomplish things a mere mortal cannot seem to be lost as we ponder Christ’s birth. The manifestation of God appears to different people and at different times in various ways. The original appearance of the Holy Spirit was at Pentecost. He came down in tongues of fire and then as a dove- the eternal symbol of peace.

In the trinity window we see various symbols of both eth Trinity and of the Episcopal Church. In the upper middle part, in red, we see the symbols of the Trinity, the hand raised in blessing symbolizing the Father; the Lamb, the sacrificial victim in the ancient Jewish religion (and let us not forget Jesus was a Jew) is the Son: and the dove is the Holy Spirit. The dove in our window is not artistically traditional. Most doves in works of art depleting the Holy Spirit are pointed downward. This dove has his head high but is looking downward about to alight. In the white areas of the circle where the Trinity symbols appear, we have symbols of some of the important doctrines of the Episcopal Church: The shell, represent baptism, the chalice representing the Lords Supper, The Bishop’s Miter or hat, represents our government by Bishops, as out name implies. In the first red diamond bellow the circle we see the open bible, which is the foundation of our faith. In the second red diamond we see Episcopalians, we believe in Virgin birth.

Holy Trinity
Holy Trinity

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