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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Building Name: First United Methodist Church of Dearborn

City: Dearborn

Window Shape: 5 (gothic arched, 2 vertical sections)

Subject/Title of Window: Apostle Paul

Brief Description of Subject: The lower “Saul of Tarsus” panel portrays Saul observing the stoning of Stephen, the first Christian martyr. Saul persecuted the Christians and traveled to Samascus to bring Christian bound and returned to Jerusalem. The two panel upper window shows the blinding light and returned to Jerusalem. The two panel upper window shoes the building light that caused Sail to surrender his sword of persecution and dependence on “the Law” the dying prayer of Stephen bore fruit and Saul became Paul. The persecutor became the promoter. The rankest foe was transformed into the warmest friend of personality.  The lower “Saint Paul” emblem portrays Paul delivering his Mars Hill sermon outside Athens (Act 17:22-13) whom who therefore ye ignorant worship, him declare I unto you (act 17:31) “whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you (Acts 17:23).

Saul was small of stature, bald headed, bow legged and perhaps near sighted. He may he been an epileptic. He was proud of his Roman citizenship. He was native of Tarsus, which enjoyed a thriving maritime trade. Sal was a Jew, a Pharisee, having studied many years in Jerusalem under Gamaliel, one of the seven leading rabbi teachers. Paul’s trade was weaving tents out of goat hair. He was also made sails for ships and clothing material. He accepted no recompense as a missionary. He supported himself with his hands. He probably never married. It Is questionable whether he ever saw Jesus in flesh. Paul was probably five to ten years within the age of Jesus. His journey from Jerusalem to Samascus to persecute the Christian would require ten days to two weeks, considerable time to mull over Stephens’ brave death and forgiving prayer. Following his Damascus road conversion experience, Paul spent fourteen silent years in Arabia. When Barmabas failed in his attempt in Antioch, he sought out Paul in Tarsus and brought him to Antioch. There, Pauls’ mission to the Gentiles began. He wrote letters to his friends answering their questions and offering his advice and counsel. Thirteen of twenty-seven New Testament book shave come from Paul. He insisted it was not necessary to become a Jew to become a Christian. He spent at least five years if his life in prison. Dr. Luke accompanied Paul as his personal physician. Luke reordered what he heard and saw in Paul’s company (the Gospel of Luke and the we portions of the Book of Acts). Pail wanted to visit Spain but never did. He expected the early return of our Lord. Paul was imprisoned beheaded in Rome about 61 A.D.

Condition of Window: Good

Height: 17'

Width: 6.5'

Type of Glass and Technique: Lead Came

The Apostle Paul
The Apostle Paul

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