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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Building Name: First Presbyterian Church

Studio Name: Connick (Charles J.), Ltd.

City: Pontiac

Window Shape: 6 (gothic arched, more than 2 vertical sections)

Date of Window: 1962

Subject/Title of Window: Samuel/The Lord/David

Brief Description of Subject: This window, consisting of three panels, is located in the vestibule of the east front door which leads to the lower level. Architecturally each panel is a separate window, however in the early 1960's, the three separate windows were used to create one work of art.

The subjects of the panels are appropriate for one entering the Church for a Sunday service. You have come to the Lord's house, you will praise the Lord with singing, and you will hear the Word of God. The three figures have a connection --- Samuel was the prophet through which God chose David to be King (1 Samuel 16:1 - 13) and prophesized that an ancestor of David would be the Messiah (2 Samuel 7:11 -1 3).

Connick Associates description of this window:
"They [David and Samuel] are devoted to Our Lord in an attitude of welcome at the center, with David beside Him, and the young Samuel in the narrower panel. [note they are pictured facing the Lord].
Our Lord is represented in garments of ruby and white, ancient color symbols of Divine Love and purity. Below is the text, --- 'Surely the Lord is in this place' [Genesis 28:16 KJV]. The young David holds his harp. Below is the text, --- 'Come before his presence with singing' [Psalm 100:2 KJV]. Samuel stands listening to the call of the Lord. Descending rays of light suggest Divine presence. The text below is --- 'Speak for thy servant hereth' [1 Samuel 3:10 KJV].
The fields are kept luminous. Grapevine patterns symbolize the unity and fruitfulness of the Church, through Our Lord's significant words, --- 'I am the vine, ye are the branches' [John 15:5 KJV]."
The maker's signature appears at the bottom of the right panel as "Connick Associates Boston 1962".

Inscriptions: Surely the Lord is in this place
Come before his presence with singing
Speak for thy servant hereth
Given to the Glory of God
In Memory of Mrs. Emma Mowbray 1885 - 1961
By her husband Mr. Frank W. Mowbray

Height: 5'5"

Width: ~16'

Samuel/The Lord/David
Samuel/The Lord/David
The Lord
The Lord

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