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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Building Name: Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church

City: Livonia

Window Shape: 2 (rectangle)

Subject/Title of Window: From Creation to New Creation Set 5

Brief Description of Subject: A set of six windows, entitled Creation to New Creation," was designed for this Church in 1980. This is the fifth of that series and was installed in the Gethsemane Chapel.

This set is about this Lutheran Church which is part of the Missouri Synod.

Panel 1: Picture of the Gethsemane Lutheran Church in Detroit which closed in 1977. At this time, this Livonia Church was forming and Gethsemane Lutheran gifted this Church many valuable things, including, a baptismal font, a silver chalice, bronze tower bells, wooden pews, their altar and reredos, as well as three stained glass windows. According to Church records, this panel was given by Robert and Sandra Kemp, in thankfulness for blessings.

From the church brochure: "This window reminds us that our congregation is not by itself, we are not one congregation that is devoid of all others, that we have a heritage that has been passed on to us, a heritage that comes through countless numbers of churches that came before us, that preserved the Word of God and that delivered it to us. This is represented by a church that is portrayed here which represents the older style of architecture that is reminiscent of the day gone by. This is but one reminder of the heritage of the past that comes not only in furnishings but more importantly in the heritage of the Word as it has been delivered for many, many years through many, many churches before us."

Panel 2: According to Church records, this panel was given by the Reverend and Mrs. Paul Meyer in memory of parents, Mr. Arnold Walters and Mrs. Clara Meyer.

From the church brochure: "We see before us the open Bible and a lamp placed next to it. We are reminded of the 119th Psalm “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path”. Our congregation from its very earliest beginning is dedicated to the Word of God as the one, true, infallible, inerrant Word by which God addresses us. It is His Word which sets the teaching of the church. It leads us always and only to faith in Jesus Christ as the savior of the world and the Lord of our lives."

Panel 3: According to Church records, this panel was given by Harold and Dee Heipel in thankfulness for blessings.

From the church brochure: "The Chalice and Paten with the communion wafers on it represent the regular and frequent reception of the sacrament of The Lord’s Supper which we are privileged to receive here at Christ Our Savior. This too, is the ongoing work of the Church as it feeds the blood-bought souls of Christ through Word and Sacrament."

Condition of Window: Good

Height: 7'

Width: 5'6"

From Creation to New Creation Set 5
From Creation to New Creation Set 5
Church of the Congregation
Church of the Congregation
The Bible of God
The Bible of God
The Sacrament
The Sacrament

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