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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Building Name: St. Florian Catholic Church

Studio Name: Kase, J.M. Glass Company

City: Hamtramck

Window Shape: 4 (rounded or rose window)

Subject/Title of Window: Pentecost

Brief Description of Subject: Window description: This Pentecost rose window has Mary in the center holding a lily (purity) and a tongue of fire (Holy Spirit) on her head. Moving out from there, the first ring contains a dove (Holy Spirit) in the light above Mary's head. The next ring out contains 12 angels with a banner with one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit as listed in Galitians 5:23-24. These verses contain only 9 fruits however through the ages Catholic liturgy has increased the total to 12. The next ring out contains the 12 apostles with their attribute and a tongue of fire on their head.

The angels with banners of the fruits of the Holy Spirit:

12 o'clock -- Charitas -- Love
  1 o'clock -- Gaudium -- Joy
  2 o'clock -- Pax -- Peace
  3 o'clock -- Patentia -- Patients
  4 o'clock -- Benignatas -- Kindness
  5 o'clock -- Bonatis -- Goodness
  6 o'clock -- Longanimatas -- Generousity
  7 o'clock -- Mansuetudo -- Gentleness
  8 o'clock --  Fides -- Faithfulness
  9 o'clock -- Modesta -- Modesty
10 o'clock -- Continentia -- Self Control
11 o'clock -- Castitas -- Chastity

The 12 apostles with their attributes

12 o'clock -- St. Patrus --St. Peter -- Keys
  1 o'clock -- St. Jacobus -- St. James -- Scallop shell, Pilgrim's staff
  2 o'clock -- St. Johannes - St. John -- Eagle
  3 o'clock -- St. Andreas -- St. Andrew -- "X" shaped cross
  4 o'clock -- St. Phillippas -- St. Philip -- cross
  5 o'clock -- St Barthelomeus -- St. Bartholomew -- Flaying knife
  6 o'clock -- St. Thomas -- St. Thomas -- Builder's square
  7 o'clock -- St. Jacobus Minor -- St James the Less -- Fuller's club
  8 o'clock -- St. Matheus -- St. Matthew -- Writing gospel with help from angel
  9 o'clock -- St. Thaddeus -- St. Thaddeus -- Club
10 o'clock -- St. Simon -- St. Simon -- Saw
11 o'clock -- St. Mathias -- St. Matthias -- halberd

Background: Pentecost is a Jewish festival that required all adult males to come to Jerusalem 50 days after Passover. The "Descent of the Holy Spirit" aka "Pentecost" is the 3rd Glorious Mystery of the Rosary and as its association with the Rosary, Mary is usually the center of attention. Scripturally it is covered in Acts chapter 2 -- brief synopsis --The apostles and Mary as well as other disciples had gathered in a room for the Pentecost festival when they heard the sound of the wind and saw tongues of fire come down and rest on their heads and they were filled with the Holy Spirit.

Width: 25' diameter

Mary holding a lily close-up
Mary holding a lily close-up
Holy Spirit above Mary's head close-up
Holy Spirit above Mary's head close-up
Mansuetudo close-up
Mansuetudo close-up
St.Jacobus close-up
St.Jacobus close-up
Pentecost outside
Pentecost outside

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