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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Building Name: St. Albertus Church

Studio Name: Mayer (Franz) and Company

City: Detroit

Window Shape: 6 (gothic arched, more than 2 vertical sections)

Date of Window: 1902

Subject/Title of Window: Jesus Raising of Lazarus

Brief Description of Subject: Window: Octofoil at the top has an angel holding a banner with the inscription. In the middle panel, Lazarus is seen rising out of his grave with hands together as if praying. Jesus is pictured as having just given the command "LAZARUS, COME OUT OF THE GRAVE". Martha and Mary Magdalene (kneeling) can be seen on the left panel while their friends, wearing yarmulkes, are in the right panel. Lazarus is looking at Jesus, everyone else, with various degrees of wonderment, have their eyes riveted on Lazarus coming out of his grave.

Notes: The raising of Lazarus was covered in John 11:1-44 Synopsis of story -- Lazarus was very sick and his sisters Mary Magdalene and Martha sent word to Jesus to come at once and help him. When Jesus finally arrived, Lazarus had already been dead for several days. Martha, Mary, and some of their friends accompanied Jesus to the tomb of Lazarus were Jesus then raised him from the dead. Mary Magdalene is remembered as sitting at the feet of Jesus when this took place. This Lazarus (not to be confused with Lazarus the beggar from the parable of the rich man) is reputed to have become a bishop and martyred, thus became a saint and is shown with a nimbus. A black yamulke is worn by a Jewish man as a sign of mourning. In some sects it  must be worn at all times by a married man. Deut. "Cover your head that the fear of heaven may be upon you." The artist has taken some liberties as in John's version Lazarus was buried in a cave and when he came out of his grave he still had on his burial bandages.

(Lazarus, come out of the grave. St. John 11:43).

Height: ~17'

Width: 6'

Jesus Raising Lazarus
Jesus Raising Lazarus
Jesus Raising Lazarus octofoil close-up
Jesus Raising Lazarus octofoil close-up
Jesus Raising Lazarus close-up
Jesus Raising Lazarus close-up
Jesus Raising Lazarus outside
Jesus Raising Lazarus outside

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