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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Building Name: First United Methodist Church

City: Jackson

Window Shape: 2 (rectangle)

Date of Window: 1922

Subject/Title of Window: Life of Christ, 7-9

Brief Description of Subject: The stained glass windows of Memorial Chapel in First Methodist Church portray nine events in the life of our Lord as described in the Four Gospels. Illustrated here in figures and symbols are the birth, boyhood and baptism of Jesus; scenes of his preaching teaching, and healing ministry; and Gethsemane, Calvary, and the Great Commission to the apostles. Panel #7. Christ in the Garden-Here the artist portrays the agony of Jesus in the Garden following the Last Supper and prior to his betrayal. In his struggle an angel appears from heaven to strengthen him, symbolizing he was not alone. In the lower corner are the three sleeping disciples. Various symbols of the Passion of our Lord are in the upper section. The lantern and the sword recall the betrayal of Judas. The scourge (whip) symbolizes Christ’s suffering under Pilate. The rose as the symbol of love suggests the reason for his suffering. (John 3:16) Panel #8. The Crucifixion-This central event in all human history has a rightful place in a Protestant Chapel even though we emphasize the empty cross as symbol of the Risen Lord. It was on the cross Jesus made the supreme sacrifice for all mankind. Pictured at the foot of the cross are Mary the Mother and John the Beloved Disciple. The inscription INRI above the cross means “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.” Under the cross, the skull represents Adam and sin in general, for which the Savior made atonement. The symbol of the Lamb of God in the upper section makes reference to the atonement. The Lamb is standing on the book with the seven seals as mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Panel #9. The Great Commission-To complete this biographical picture of our Lord, this panel illustrates the commission Jesus gave to his disciples. (Matthew 28:18-19) With his right hand Jesus points to heaven from whence he came and from where he received his authority. His left hand points to the disciples suggesting the command he gives them. The small groups of persons represent all the disciples. The boat symbolizes the missionary journeys they would undertake. The design in the top section shows the orb and the cross-the Gospel spread over the whole world. The palm branch symbolizes the martyrdom and sacrifice that accompany Christian witness and service.

Condition of Window: Good

Type of Glass and Technique: Opalescent Glass, Lead Came

Life of Christ 7-9
Life of Christ 7-9

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