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Featured Windows, January 2001

Trinity Episcopal Church Window

Building: Trinity Episcopal Church

City: Monroe

State: Michigan

The three-panel "Noah's Ark Window" in the Children's Chapel of Trinity Episcopal Church is based on the familiar biblical story related in the Book of Genesis.

Left: It depicts the landing of the Ark after the great flood that swept over the earth.

Right: Noah stands at the left, overseeing the many animals that have come safely ashore. The dove carrying an olive branch is a sign that flood waters have receded from the land. The rainbow represents God's promise to Noah that never again would there be such a flood over the earth.

Constructed in 1858 of local limestone, Trinity Episcopal Church was designed in the Gothic Revival style by carpenter-joiner John Addey of Monroe. The Children's Chapel was added in 1895, one of several alterations to the original building. The 7-by-7 foot "Noah's Ark Window" was created by Monroe native Lydia Hohman, who studied architectural stained glass at the Swansea College of Art in Wales and with noted stained glass artist Lawrence Lee at London's Royal College of Art. She was assisted in assembling the window by Julie Domick of Monroe and Deborah Keefer of Ann Arbor. Dedicated in 1982, the window was a gift of the artist's grandmother, Mrs. Jane McIntyre, in memory of her husband, Brouwer D. McIntyre.

Trinity Episcopal Church of Monroe was registered in the Michigan Stained Glass Census by Berniece Lohman of Monroe.

(MSGC 1993.0041)

Text by Betty MacDowell, Michigan Stained Glass Census, January , 2001.