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Private Residence
private residence
Britton, Michigan 49229
Lenawee County


Number of Pictorial Windows: 5

Archival Sources: owner

Building Notes: The Ridgeway Methodist Church was torn down in early 1970. The stained glass windows were removed and sold. The parts that had memorial names were removed and, as much as possible, returned to decendants of those families. The windows had round pictures of Christian symbols and these were removed and used in a glass window between the Sanctuary and the Narthex in the new United Methodist Church between Ridgeway and Britton on M-50.

I have parts of several windows in wooden frames hanging in some windows in my home.

A church member wrote the geaneaology of the memorial windows, but there are no pictures of them. The church was 100 years old in 1967. Marion Foote Stone wrote, "The memorial windows replace the old ones of 1905.....a portion of the original windows is in the Sunday School room in the window that was partially destroyed by fire in 1944." I have part of one of these older windows.

There no longer is a United Methodist Church in Ridgeway. The towns of Ridgeway and Britton merged their churches into Grace United Methodist Church. The new church was built between the two villages and has a Britton address.

The window framers described the methods used to make the windows: ground glass, flux, and vinegar was applied to the glass surface, then scratched off to make the design, then fired again. It was annealed (cooled slowly) to make the windows less brittle and longer lasting. Stencils were probably used to make the designs.

MSGC: 1993.0100

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Thelma Frayer

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