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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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Building Name: The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Chapel

Studio Name: Emil Frei Associates, Inc.

City: Livonia

Window Shape: 5 (gothic arched, 2 vertical sections)

Subject/Title of Window: The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Brief Description of Subject: This two lancet aisle window is located on the gospel side of the Felician Sisters Chapel. All aisle windows and transept windows have the same basic pattern, two lancet windows, the top symbol in each lancet sets the topic for that lancet, and the four symbols below are each encased in a geometrical shape surrounded by grisaille glass. The border and filler color used, like the geometric shape, is unique to the section of the Chapel they are located in --- the Felician Sisters Chapel uses a circle shape and the color of blue.
In 1932 Emil Frei, the designer of these windows, created  Gifts of the Holy Spirit windows for the St. Margaret Mary Church. The symbols and explanations for these windows were made accessible by LPi - Integrated Parish Communications. Use of these are in quotes.
Left lancet top to bottom.
Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Pictured here with a descending dove (Holy Spirit) with seven tongues of fire (gifts).
Wisdom: "The triangle with three equal sides is an emblem for the Trinity of the three persons of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in one God ... The gift of wisdom ... keeps God central in our lives, fostering love for the things in heaven."
Understanding: "The sun, the central body of our solar system, gives off light." Since ancient times, light has been the symbol of understanding, and darkness of ignorance. "The gift of understanding helps us to have a broad view, grasping the truths of our faith and knowing that which God has revealed."
Counsel: "Water, a basic element of life, is a transparent liquid. In this symbol the water is moving in waves at the surface but becomes more calm with increased depth. The anchor is lowered to grip the bottom to hold firmly and securely. ... The gift of counsel helps us to look more deeply and more thoroughly before making a decision."
Fortitude or Courage: Pictured here by a church with a steeple (tower). "The tower, a tall, sturdy structure rising above other structures and used for observation, is perceived as a sign of strength.The gift of fortitude provides us with special strength and courage needed to see and face various human struggles or questions in life and faith. ... It enables us to stand in our belief in Christ and the Gospel."
Right lancet top to bottom.
The top is the same as the left lancet.
Knowledge: Pictured here is an open book with the Chi Rho (Christ) being the first word written on the page (Word of God). "The gift of knowledge ... directs us to thoughtful reflection on the mysteries of our Catholic faith and the mystery of God."
Piety or Reverence: Pictured here is a cross with three parallel arms (Trinity). This cross is anchored atop a heart. "The heart represents the center of a person, the font of human emotion." The cross on top of the heart signifies God "intensely affecting the senses and emotions ... The gift of piety or reverence assists us in our attempts to open our hearts to God and to approach God in prayer and devotion. God's love for us affects, enhances, and deepens our love for the Father who created us, for Jesus who saved us, and for the Spirit who is sanctifying us." 
Fear of God: "The eye represents the eye of God with the power to look keenly into our heart so as to know us, judge us, and appreciate us. The gift of fear of the Lord is also described as wonder and awe in God's presence. It is our response to our God who is transcendent, exceeding ordinary limits, while also being all-present, a close loving spiritual companion and guide."
Receiving the Holy Spirit: There are only seven gifts of the Holy Spirit so this is to fill in the eighth spot. The Holy Spirit bestows these gifts at Baptism and strengthens them at Confirmation. This is pictured here with a descending dove (Holy Spirit) bestowing gifts (tongues of fire).
Although the exact date is unknown, this window was in place by 1944.

Height: 11'

Width: 6'

The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit
The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit, Wisdom, Understanding
Holy Spirit, Wisdom, Understanding
Counsel, Fortitude
Counsel, Fortitude
Holy Spirit, Knowledge, Piety or Reverence
Holy Spirit, Knowledge, Piety or Reverence
Fear of God, Receiving the Holy Spirit
Fear of God, Receiving the Holy Spirit

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